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Monday, December 21, 2015

Egg celent

One of our favorite neighbors in Buenos Aires, writes to me. She practiced her English on us when we were neighbors, she does it now in emails. Giving me these wonderful and sometimes comical stories about what is going on , back "home".
She has caught me up on who is having a baby and who is getting married .. one of her daughters is a singer, they have an album coming out.
They have an estancia ... a ranch .. cattle and horses and chickens.

She came home from a weekend on the ranch and brought eggs that had to be incubated.
But then something came up and they had to be away from home for a couple of days.
She asked me if I could go to the apartment twice a day and turn the eggs... they were under warming lights. I said yes of course I would.

so every day we would go to the apartment and gently turn the eggs.
Before they came home, my last night of Turning the Eggs ... I named the chickens -to- be.


I don't remember the rest but you get it .....
So did she ...  the next day we got a big bunch of flowers delivered to us .. the card was signed
Thank you for taking such good care of us ...Henrietta, Eggatha , Henry and Eggbert ...and so on, there were a lot of eggs, a lot of names !

We were always welcome to visit the ranch .. I wish we had. Hundreds and hundreds of acres with cattle, horses and chickens.

so here I am .. in New York State .. with a farm up the hill .. with Cattle, a horse and sheep.
Not the same but still .. nice.

I had a new house hunter today.
I still have hope.

I hope I will get to visit Eggatha and Eggbert ...

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  1. You will sell your house and make a new home. A new adventure.


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