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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blogging ... Computers ... Cookies ... oh my

My computer is a Mac. desktop. I have Safari but I only use Google Chrome.
Everything is always smooth running and fine.

Until I decide to fiddle around with things.
All I did was clean out the cookies.
I thought.

Now I cannot post blogs on Chrome, where I have been doing everything for years now.
Here and in Argentina.

I cleaned out the cookies ..
I blogged on this sight.
I hit Publish.
Nothing happened.
No matter what I did ...

I went to Safari ... hit publish and it did. . Immediately.

What the **** ?

So now when I am on the computer, I use Chrome.
But when I want to comment or write a blog, I have to switch to Safari.

Any computer wizards out there who have any experience with this .. please do give me advice.

Thank you !!


  1. No idea my friend...
    But...I do know that deleting cookies, will also delete passwords perhaps that is the problem...
    Have you "googled" your problem? Or go to Apple support..or call them...they are very nice!
    Any news on the house???
    Sorry I haven't written..been sick...and busy!!
    Happy New Year Candice...
    Linda :o)

  2. It is set so passwords stay safe .. not a problem.
    It is bigger than that :)
    I will wait until tomorrow and ask friends who have Apple computers .. someone might have an idea .. or it will magically be well tomorrow !
    No news. I took it off the market over the holidays .. I just wanted a break.
    I am sorry you were sick, glad you are back.
    Happy New Year to you too !

  3. Dearest Candace,
    So far my Mac has not acted up like that... Your photo (?) does not load however.
    At present I have enough trouble with my blog as my FeedBurner is not working since December 20. So my posts don't show up, only a deleted old one.
    Like you, I too hope that just magically this will get resolved.
    Call Apple care and explain them. They can take over your Mac (upon your agreeing to) and search for the culprit. It is always easy for those that make a living by solving such problems.
    For us it causes our minds to explode.
    Enjoy some peaceful days of 2015 and let things be...

  4. I'm so sorry but I have no idea. I'm even not sure what cookies do....!
    Maybe Apple tech support can help you? I sure hope you can get it fixed!

  5. No idea whatsoever, I'm a computer idiot... best of luck to you!


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