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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Wee Posting Problem

I have an Apple Computer.
It has been perfect since I got it.
Both in Argentina and here in the US.

I have done Nothing different.

I am suddenly unable to post using Chrome. We always use Chrome.
I can only post on Blogger using Safari.
Comments and blogging .. I have to switch over to Safari .. very annoying.

Not as annoying as it would be if I could not post or comment at all but it is not right ..
I have no idea what to even try to get it to be right again and there is no one to ask.

So anyone .. if you have an idea or know what to do .. please do let me know.

Thank you !


  1. I have an Apple too and used Safari for most things and Chrome for PicMonkey as it would not accept Safari. However, my son was staying recently and told me to switch to Firefox as it is much more secure than Safari, and doesn't track you like Chrome. It is easy to download and make it your main browser, don't know if this helps you or not.
    Hope that you had a happy Christmas.

  2. Yes, we have Firefox too .. my husband knew his way around the computer better than I .
    I just know how to blog and jabber in emails.
    Well... I might know a couple of things more but boring ..


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