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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Who Would Have Ever Thought

That I would actually miss the sight and sound of Buenos Aires Traffic.
As  seen from the balcony in our living room.
The street is Pueyrredon and the intersection is Las Heras.
I miss everything about it.

I woke early to cats kvetching.
Yes, even cats kvetch.

Open the door .... Feed me.....Open another door ... I'm lonely ... Get Up Mama !!!!
Now I am up .. they have gone off to nap .. quietly.

Let us hope ... Someone wants to see my house today. . Someone wants to buy my house today ..
I can get on with my life ... today.

I want to see the traffic again, I don't even mind hearing the traffic again.
I want to see people walking by .. I want to hear music and window shop and stop in a cafe for cafe con leche y medialunas and visit with my friends and go to a Museum and have a life again.

And if it means I have to hear traffic ... then so be it.
The cats want to see what this Buenos Aires thing is about.


  1. Selling home is a big thing, but I sure hope it will go well!
    My kitties wake me up in the morning, too, then go take a nap after eating. On weekends, I do the same :-)

  2. I know ! they wake me up, I feed them, they go back to sleep and I am awake ! That is so not fair lol


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