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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Photographer

My husband gave me my first "real" camera. His old Nikon. For years, he would buy me new cameras for Christmas .. I had one of the first Polaroid Instamatics .. all those baby photos, fading because the camera was really crap.
Then he gave me his camera and bought himself one that was much more complicated .
I wore that Nikon out ! I loved it. I kept it for years, even though it no longer worked.
Every few years, usually for Christmas, I would get a new camera.
I have the last one he gave me, when we were in Buenos Aires.
I also have his. Which is so good and complicated, I have put off learning how to use it, without him to show me .

Thanks to his gifts of cameras, and his encouragement , his appreciation of my photos, our lives, the children, our homes, our pets, are all on "film " ... recorded forever .. in my heart and in albums .

We walked every day. All over Buenos Aires. No matter the weather or how far, we would walk.
We were in great shape ! and we got to see everything up close and personal.
This photo was taken on the way to the supermarket.
Just past the British Embassy. The mirrored doors .. they were my favorites.


  1. What a beautiful photo! I love that door.
    The cameras, and photos they took, all of them must be filled with memories with your husband xoxo

  2. Brilliant photograph and good to see you !!
    ..... and, isn't it lovely that you took so many photographs and can look back on many happy memories.
    I take so many photographs wherever I go ..... I'm always thinking of my blog !! XXXX


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