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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Bees

Life is funny.
One day you are just hanging around, waiting ... for all sorts of things.
Then you just change. Your mind changes, your way of seeing things changes and life in general changes.
You have a better outlook or at least a more clear outlook.
You might have learned by experience or you just suddenly saw things in a different light.

Then, just as you have settled down and decided Things are going to be OK ... you go out into the sunroom and open the window for the cats and you notice yet another big bee buzzing around.
Inside a room that is locked up tight.

Later in the day, standing at the kitchen window, you notice bees flying past the window !!

After a little homework and a bit of exploring, It is discovered.

Wasps are "hiving" in the siding of my home.

I do not have to describe the horror and not small amount of worry and fear this brought.
right on the heels of my decision to not sell the house and stay here.

So thank goodness, upon googling exterminators, I came across the Bee Experts !!!

One of them will be here at 11 am and please god, bring a lot of bee spray Larry !

So one of them was in the garden room again.
Cats are still confined to the rest of the house with me.

To Be Continued :

Bees Be Gone !
The nice bee killer was here and did his job. It seemed to be very very thorough.
He will come back and check and is confident he got everything.
They were building a hive.
They got powdered and sprayed.
None had gotten into the house/basement.
Those that were out for the day will come home and die.

He will check on me .. this job was guaranteed until December 31st ! wow .. what bee would be out in winter up here ?? but that is great anyway.

So the cats are chasing each other. I am not sure if it is fun or not.
I am off to buy sweet things. I am craving those little cinnamon rolls they sell at the market.

Happy Weekend !


  1. If this happens again, call a Bee Keeper instead of a Bee Killer. You had a rogue queen bee trying to set up a new hive. A Bee Keeper would have been happy to capture her, take her with him to his hive site and then the other bees would have followed. I know this because, my father was a Beekeeper and I went with him many times to do this. He may have even been willing to keep you supplied with hone.

  2. It shouldn't happen again and if it does I will do the same thing.
    I am very allergic to bee stings and they were coming in the house .. not through doors or windows so I had to erase the nest and the wasps.

  3. Last summer I was badly bitten by wasps living in the railroad tie opposite my door. Had to see a doctor and get shots. They attacked me all over my body, even through my jeans. I called the exterminator, pronto.


    1. cigale, I would have been in the hospital ! How horrible and so painful !

  4. Oh the horror! We found wasps making nest on our deck several times in the past, and we've seen some of wasps flying inside the house, too. Glad the bees are gone and everyone is safe! Cinnamon rolls sound good :-) Have a great weekend!

  5. So glad you were able to get rid of them so quickly! My good friend had to call the insect guys in three times this year -- two wasp nests in her attic and a hornets nest under the eaves near her front door. She lives alone and could hear the wasps in the attic in the attic when she woke up in the morning. Scary!

    1. Thank goodness mine were outside ! Definitely scary.

  6. I came home one day to find my front room and dining room full of bees...they had flown down thru the chimney flue while trying to build a hive. It was a bit scary. I stuffed up the chimney and set off a bomb. I hated killing them but there was no way to get them out. Later I vacuumed them up. Needless to say I had the flue repaired. Not fun. Actually rats are worse. LOL


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