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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Road Trip Ahead ..

To avoid more conflict and anxiety, I went to the attorney's office today and had a long visit.
I will sell the house, in his office, on the phone.
I don't have to sit in the same room with them or even talk to them. he is on my side.
I decided while talking to him that it is all just not worth it. I screwed up and I don't want  to pay or worry or suffer for it any more than I already have .
So I will be at the closing in the office of my attorney and they will be on the phone wherever they are.
My husband and I bought a house on the phone once .. it was pretty fun .. or it could have just been the man I was with who made it fun. He made everything fun.

I can't deal with conflict and things that make me think I will be punished or lose more money.
I am too insecure and afraid of everything as it is.

It was not the closing by the way, that I walked out of . It was a meeting about the contract etc.
I thought it was the closing and he told me it was not today.
If I canceled the sale, I would have had problems.

So this is the last conversation about this .. I am moving on .. it will be settled and I will find a new home .
A road trip to Florida with 2 cats in the car.
This will make a good book.

Minette and Merlin Take a Trip


  1. That would be a fantastic children's book!! Put a note book and a point and shoot camera in the front seat, take pictures and jot down notes. Write the book for your little guy! He will love it when he gets older.
    The subject of the house is closed, the deed is just about done and you are moving on, what a way to go to a another adventure! I am so curious to see where you land (I bet you are too ;) )
    Good luck, safe travels and sweet dreams, I think you are in for a fun ride in so many ways ♥

    1. Such an adventure ahead for you and your furry babies. The Great Sunshine State Will Welcome You With Open Arms, Sunshine And Palm Trees.

  2. You are doing the right thing. You don't need the stress of a law suit.

    After having bought and sold a few houses, my husband and I started doing exactly what you are going to do. Even with closings which you think are going to be problem free, there are always issues that come up so we stopped going to them.

    So, just pack up your two Babies and head south! I'm sure your daughter and grandson are thrilled!

  3. If you want to do a fun road trip to Florida, take the auto train from Lorton Virginia to just outside Orlando. I did it last year and I had a great time. I got a private sleeping car with its own shower and bathroom. I brought a really good bottle of wine and some great noshie things and pretended I was on the Orient Express. I left from Brooklyn so it took me about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to Virginia and then drove from Sanford (in Florida) to Fort Lauderdale where I have a condo and spent about 1/2 of the winter working (my company has an office in Miami and I commuted). I really enjoyed it and will be doing it again this year. All will be well. Florida, much like Paris, is always a good idea.

  4. Angie !! that is exactly what I will do how wonderful !!
    Me, 2 cats and the car all on a train ... who would ever have thought !
    I am definitely calling and getting the info.
    Outside of Orlando .. and I need to be in Jax so that isn't a bad distance to have to drive with the cats ..unless I move to the West Coast which means a longer drive and that will be OK too.

    This is Brilliant thank you so much !!!!

  5. Love the auto train idea, but do check ahead of time. I recall that Amtrak is not exactly pet-friendly, alas.

    What about the charming little Craftsman house in the nearby town? Is that no longer under consideration?

    And yes, closings are generally fraught. I suspect in the long run that getting out of that house will be good for you, although you might now think otherwise.

  6. I'm all of a dither! It has been a roller-coaster ride - yes, no, maybe, but now I think you have it all together dear and you can start afresh and make a new life. It won't be easy every day because there is that huge void, however you are young and fit enough to start over in the most positive way. I just and know H is looking out for you and is so proud that you have held it together.
    Onward now my dear -

    Huge hugs and the best of luck always.
    Mary x

  7. Sold the house and having issues too. I envy your options. I started packing today and it is awful. I rarely move so this is not going to be fun. Remember to dig up your St. Joseph statue and take it with you. Fare thee well.

  8. Auto train had small dogs on it when I took it in October of last year. I think you can "smuggle/snuggle" your kitties on. Also, one other thing. Alot of the people that I met were going to the west coast of Florida. The train depot is actually closer to the Gulf coast than the Atlantic coast and depending on where you land you might not find it that difficult. Keep calm and keep travelling :).


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