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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not For Sale

I am no longer selling my house.
I am no longer looking at real estate.
I am no longer telling the kitties about adventures to come.

I am staying here .. Home ..

The realtor is quite angry.
The people who wanted to buy are angry.
The attorney will let me know if there will be revenge.
I need a little extra anxiety .

I am happy with my decision.
If winters are unbearable, I will pack up the cats and maybe spend a few months in Argentina.
or Florida.

So back to trying to relax and get rid of this anxiety over threats to sue and see if I can get back to a life of calm and gardens and cats and birds and chipmunks .. not to mention the little family coming on weekends.

I am going to see about a swing .. hanging from a tree branch . Sounds fun !
Maybe one that is made just for a small , very small person .. the cats will be so jealous !

Deep breaths, don't be anxious ..

You know what is next, don't you ?


  1. I love my home that I bought all on my own, I had to sell the home that I loved after the divorce I couldn't afford it any more and take care of the children.
    So I took my Square Ones, all the paintings, furniture I liked and moved to another state where I could afford living in.
    I put my Two Square Dogs in it the furniture had a nice time decorating it.
    It is home now.
    But if you feel better living in this home then stay. All you need to do is build a screened enclosed porch for the kitties to enjoy.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Parsnip, I have a room that is all glass, a conservatory and the cats and I sit out there in the evenings when it is cool and watch fireflies.
    We all love it .

  3. decided to stay. Good for you. It sounds beautiful where you are and now you can stay close to your family. I hope you can relax a bit now that the decisions is made. I wouldn't worry about the realtor or the buyers, they will find something else, what is important is your happiness and peace of mind.

  4. Sorry dear but I'm totally confused now! I didn't even know you were anywhere near a closing date - thought a potential buyer just came on the scene a few days back?

    I pray you will work it all out and I'd really love to know what has made you change your mind regarding selling. Was already envisioning you decorating that smaller house you've been in love with for some time!

    Good luck - hang in there with the kitties.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. I hope you had a lawyer for the sale. He/she should be able to help you resolve any problems that may result.

  6. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Don't let anyone bully you. This is not the first time that your agent has had a seller with a change of heart, she will get over it. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE EQUATION and I am so happy that you have made the decision. Now you can start to enjoy your home--it isn't a springboard anymore. Congratulations!!

  7. Well there you go. Now make sure you leave in the winter months for somewhere warmer.

  8. :)
    thank you so much !
    I am probably going to be sued for it so I am terrified and having anxiety attacks. off to the emergimed.

  9. You have made the right decision for you at this particular time of your life. Go with your gut I always find it's your best barometer. When the time is right to move/stay/travel/get a pet you will know. I hope the anxiety about being sued is soon put to rest; I understand how you feel. Since I've gotten older I get more anxious & less confident about things going on in my life than I ever experienced when I was younger. Know you're not alone.

    Take care & can't wait to see what lies ahead for you.


  10. Thank you so much !!! What a comfort you all are.
    I had to go to the Emergency Med place .. I was having a good old fashioned panic attack.
    I have meds, they made me stay there awhile until my BP was not in the exploding head zone and now here I am ... hiding in my house.

  11. You said you'd had an offer on the house, but unless you signed something binding I don't think there would be grounds for a suit. If you have a family lawyer, consult with her/him. Sometimes, a Sternly Worded letter on your behalf is helpful.

    Good for you, for the decision. And pooh to the realtor, who seemed not to be working very hard for you.

    Maybe, over time, changing out some of the furniture and decorations will make it feel even more "yours". And now you can pack up and go in the winter months.

  12. Emm ..It was the closing. Thank you dear, and yes, as soon as I thought I had to leave, I didn't want to . I like the idea of Summer Winter homes .. if worst comes to worse, I will see about that. Or I might look into places like NC or Virginia .. mountains and oceans and nice people .. I am boggled by what a Jekyl an Hyde the realtor is. Of course, my kids knew it right away and they are now allowed to say they told me so.
    As my mother in law would say ... Oy .

  13. Oh Dear. Get a lawyer.
    Your agent is mad because she just lost both commissions.
    If you signed any papers then you really have to have a lawyer.
    I too loved your home what I have seen but the garden is lovely.
    I am not sure when you live and how bad the winters are or how far away from shopping.
    You need to do what is BEST for you.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. What is so difficult is that the only lawyer we used here is the lawyer in this case.
    Yes, the agent who pretended to be such a friend.
    I live in Upstate NY south of Albany .. 3 hours from NYC.

  15. There is an old saying "Home is where the heart is" right? Your heart then is in the right place. I have this hanging by my bathroom mirror and it helps a lot when making decisions.

    "Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom."
    ~ Rumi ~

    Like you I have been thinking of moving but for some reason, in spite of the house being too big for myself and MacKenzie and Aliah, too expensive to take care of, and all the other no-nos a widow often has to face, I cannot bring myself to make the decision.
    Memories are like blankets, easy to wrap around our heart and so difficult to discard for what is practical, at least for me.

    If your heart belongs where you are so are you. They would be foolish and attracting the wrong kind of Karma if they indeed go the Court way. My wonderful nana Petrona used to say "Don't worry, because worrying is like a prayer for something you don't want to happen". I wish you the best of everything and I suspect when the time comes for you to make a move, you will be wise enough to take the right path.

  16. So there is this handsome real estate agent up here that said he will look for listings for me and rentals. how great is that ? the rental,s not that he is good looking ... well, no , I take that back .. yay ,, he is handsome too .

  17. Gloria, I don't know who you are but you can go somewhere else and not bother reading my blog.
    And you can definitely get lost and stop posting stupid comments.

  18. OMG glad you decided to stay, it sounds like such a lovely home. And you changed your mind at closing?? Like you jilted them at the alter...what an adventure ;) Don't worry about the legal stuff, this too shall pass. It is kind of good, now you know where you are ment to be right now - no doubts. When you said "There is this handsome real estate agent" it sounded just like that movie Baby Boom. I just see you up there building this wonderful life without even knowing you are doing it!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  19. Merle, Exactly !!! perfect ... I jilted them. But now I have to go back and do it. There are repercussions to leaving brides at the alter .. there is nothing worse than someone jilted and looking for revenge.
    So I have to do it. I have to say goodby to my house and my beautiful gardens and neighbors.
    I have two places that I am looking .. on last gasp up here, if there is a rental it would be ok too.
    or and then ... Florida which is not the worst thing in the world.
    Thank you so much for your support .. I might just be having a huge breakdown for all I know :)

  20. Take deep breaths. Do not have a breakdown. I love reading your whom would I turn???

  21. Oh Angie, thank you ! I have gotten calls from daughter and attorney and it was not the actual closing but a binder.
    So it would certainly cost a fee to break the deal but I haven't signed anything yet.
    But there is the idea of Florida .. no snow, lower prices, pretty houses .. friends and family.
    Thankfully, attorneys are fine with me and know what is happening and they appear to be totally on my side. We all know the realtor is not lol

    so eventually, NotesFromABroad will be coming to you from Florida which is a hop skip and jump to Buenos Aires.

  22. Hang in there. Things happen for a reason, even when we don't see or understand it at the time. It will all work out like it is supposed to :)

  23. Today is a good day. Spent a while with lawyer and everyone was kind and thoughtful and understanding. This is how understanding. they will have the closing in the attorney's office and I don't have to be there.. I can be on the phone if need be . . but I don't have to be there. yay !!!

    So I went to my friends fabulous little shop and bought a painting to take to Florida with me.
    She gets all these great paintings in country auctions and places .. so it will remind me of my neighborhood .. old Revolutionary War sites, homes and horses and gardens.

    I am going to be OK.I am going to live where there is no snow and I will be fine. 2 cats, a dog and a fireplace.
    My son can come down for Christmas and get a tan :)

  24. To avoid more conflict and anxiety , I went to the attorneys office today and had a long visit.
    I will sell the house. In his office, on the phone . I don't have to sit in the same room with them or even talk to them. He is on my side. I decided while talking to him, that it all just isn't worth it. I screwed up and I don't want to pay or worry or suffer for it any more than I already have.
    So I will be at the closing in the office of my attorney and they will be on the phone wherever they are.
    My husband and I bought a house on the phone once ... it is pretty fun .. or it might have just been the man I was with who made it fun.
    I can't deal with conflict and things that make me think I will be punished or lose more money .. I am too insecure and afraid .
    So this will be the last conversation about this.
    It is settled, I will do it and move on.
    To Florida.
    With 2 cats in the car.
    Now this will make a good book ...
    Minette and Merlin Take A Trip ....

    I bought a painting .. of a house that you would see up here ... with a picket fence and typical of the houses all around here. It will be good to look at when I get homesick for up here.

  25. I just sent you an email with our phone #. I hope you will call...


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