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Saturday, August 22, 2015

He Was A Good Boy

Sitting at our favorite cafe on Ave Libertador in Buenos Aires. Waiting for his bowl of water.
He was quite the Cafe boy ...


  1. I think that after you are settled you should get another poodle, he might not be the same but would be wonderful in his own way. They are such special dogs...and friends.

  2. La Vie , I have thought of looking into the Poodle Rescue sites. Yes, they are wonderful. I don't want one just like Tate, there would never be another like him but yes, they are all special in their own way .

  3. And he was handsome, intelligent, personable (or perhaps that should be doggie-able), a devoted companion, bright spirit. How blessed you were to have one another. He knew he was loved, every single day. Be brave.

  4. True Fact - The Poodle is the smartest breed of dog. I've had poodle/mix breeds and my vet always says "Oh good they have the poodle smarts".

  5. Love poodles. My last dog was a Soft Coated Wheaton terrier & she was lovely such a great disposition & would do whatever I was doing, she just wanted to be near me & she was a source of amazing comfort when things weren't going well for me. You sound like a lady with an abundance of love to give so I hope you find that special animal soon.


  6. Barbara, I had forgotten about Wheaton Terriers , they are great. My friend had one, years ago, that dog was so devoted to her. She had to have surgery and was in bed. The dog slept at the foot of the bed and when she was awake, the dog stayed either by the side of the bed or guarding the door.
    She adored that dog.

  7. We recently lost our standard poodle. He was 14 years old and still a puppy at heart. He was devoted to our daughter and slept either in her room or next to her room every night until she went to college. I am filled with joy every time I see a standard poodle or even a photo of one.

  8. Oh Denise, it is hard to lose them. I keep thinking how much comfort he would be for me at this time, he always was very sympathetic :)
    I have so many photos of him it is ridiculous :)
    Thank you for writing ..

  9. What a sweet, beautiful face. I want to reach into the photo and give him a big, loving hug.


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