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Monday, August 10, 2015

Blue Mondays

Are Mondays Blue ? you know .. sad ?
I know some people are sad to go back to work but after a fun weekend off, I guess it is always sad for the fun to end for now.

I am having a Blue Monday.
My weekend was not great, not bad but no company and nothing much to do .
I messed around in the garden and played with the cats and enjoyed crystal clear skies and cool breezes .. It is really very beautiful here.

Yesterday I knew I was having house shoppers coming.
It was on two calendars .
But I got busy messing around with other things and suddenly someone was at the door ! omigod !!
The girl from the realtors was very nice, took the people on the garden tour first then into the house.
The house is always viewer ready , I just needed to put papers away and lock up the mad kitties.
Mad as in insane.
Yes... we will be a Mad Woman and Her Two Mad Cats pretty soon.

Maybe someone will write a play about us .
It will no doubt win a Tony Award.
No one will believe it is not Fiction .. no person ever had to cope like that  poor woman in the play .. No wonder she can't remember anything !
Who wants to remember the things she has been through lately ?!
She remembers her children , her cats and her address so she is actually doing fine.

She would like to forget her realtors attitude though.
That woman has suddenly let her smiling real estate lady mask slip. The short bordering on rude questions and the quick to point out mistakes attitude ... not nice. Not smart. Not when I can just decide to take the house off the market. Say goodbye. Go Be Mean To Someone Else.
See if they pay you for it.

So here I sit.
All dressed up and no place to go.
Actually, I do have to buy something for the cats.
As usual.
If I can't go shopping for me, at least I can shop for them. They appreciate the thought.

Merlin slept on my bed all night. As each hour went by, he got heavier.
I would love to know how he does that.

Minette the impatient got all fussed because He was on Her bed so she flounced off the bed and sulked a while.
When no one came to get her, she skulked in and slipped onto the bed, right next to Mama.
Where she slept all night.
No wonder I slept so deeply. My purring babies did it.

I go back and forth with what to do about moving.
Stay here and buy an Arts & Crafts style house that is just big enough for one woman and 2 cats, maybe a dog too.
Or move to the West Coast of Florida and start a new life there ... with 2 cats and maybe a dog too.

It has to be appealing enough for me to leave my son and his little family behind and to leave NY State behind. I  love NY State ... I keep telling myself it would be insane to go back to Buenos Aires... but ..... I know people who spend winter down there ... which is their summer.
I have to talk to the cats about it ... we will have a vote.

Did I mention I cut my own hair ?
Should I say that it looks fantastic ?
No, I won't say that, it will sound like bragging ... that I can cut my own hair so well...

So how was your weekend ... my Comment section awaits ...

Here is a nice photo of my old neighborhood, and front door. You will see ...


  1. It doesn't have to be a Monday for me. My house in Tulsa showed twice yesterday. I wonder if it is because the contract is up in September and she is trying to keep me as a client which I am not going to. She way overpriced the house and we missed out on lots of people that didn't put that price range in the searches. Why not winter in a condo in Florida and summer in NY? I've thought of buying a beach house to rent out through a rental agency and use it myself from time to time. I'm told the rentals pay for the beach house. Have to find the right area though. Some are way out of my price range.

  2. New York State is beautiful. That said, be with your family maybe closer to them?

  3. My a mess. Today was a mess. We had an outage since early morn. Power back on five . The guys cutting down the huge tree left but who know when they will be back, Ok, now I feel better. Hope you do too.

  4. beyonbeige, the little family lives in NYC and I can't afford to live there.
    cigale, I think we are going to get that storm today ! we are getting wind and storm warnings.
    I am glad you feel better. I do too.

  5. We once sold a house a day after a ma's blizzard that made the realtor trek I snow drifts to get to the front door. When the realtor phones for a viewing mother and her boyfriend we're visiting and the house was full of suitcases all over the place and my mother was madding digging up fallen apples from the freak snow storm ...I told the realtor not to come cause it was a MAD HOUSE EXTRAORDINARY. .but she came and dragged a couple with twin 2yr old Boys through the house. Did I mention my son was only couple weeks old too? Anyway the couple climbed over stuff everywhere and made an offer the next day. I couldn't believe it.
    So don't be obsessed with how it looks. ..seems you have dickhead (excuse the slang) for realtors in your area...
    I think you need to go back to s America. ..get it out of your system ..for a short stay

  6. Kathy ... so much of what you say is so right.
    This will be the 7th house that I have sold .. although the others were with my husband. I kind of sort of know what I am doing . If someone likes the house- me being in it when they look won't stop them ... unless I am much scarier looking than I thought !
    I do need to go back to BA ... besos..

  7. I rarely comment but I just have to say for me it's all about family. Paradise would be very depressing without at least one family member. I wish I could be near all of my children. Visiting the two that live out of state is great but it's not the same has an unplanned visit. Just popping in to say hi. The hassle of getting there planning the wardrobe and thinking about the weather gets old. Maybe if you get away for a large part of the bitter cold weather is what you need. It would be the best of both worlds.

  8. Kathleen, maybe that is what I will do , spend winters in Buenos Aires ..

  9. West coast of FL! West coast of FL! :). Seriously tho, the family thing is so important, especially with growing little ones, which is a big part of the reason we are stil here half the time, and there the rest. St Pete is cool and getting more so all the time. It has a super downtown, but you'd be a distance from both kids, and that is very hard!

    Good luck selling! It is such a gorgeous time of year there, then Fall is awesome. After that, head south! Even going to NY (southern), or NJ, it used to amaze me how much shorter and easier winters were than in the Berkshires. I was jealous of my CT friends who had spring come way earlier than we did.

  10. Carol !!!! LOL Hi !!! :)
    Yes, if I leave here , the area around Tampa is what I had in mind .. I didn't know you still went there .. how nice ! About the kids ... I can't make that the priority . They are where they are .. jobs and homes and babies etc. But I am the one taking care of me and the one that has to be happy where I live and able to afford it !
    And having friends .. I have none here ... how pitiful that sounds. I have more friends in South America .. lol
    So yes.. you are right and I will listen to you . Love you. !!!!

  11. Yep, got back as fast as we could--you remember how I felt about leaving there!. Bought a condo in St Pete the month Don retired and are there 6 mos/year. You are so right about the kids of course, and making your own way in a happy spot! I am super excited for your next new adventure and can't wait to hear all about it. Love you right back!!


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