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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Where is all the Purple ?

Spring in Buenos Aires

I never really knew what a Jacaranda tree was. Just that it was a tree that was mentioned in books that I had read, nothing that caught my attention.
Then we moved to Argentina.
Our first Spring, I must have at least 100 photos of those trees, in parks, on the street, outside the window, I can publish a book of Jacaranda Tree photos .. for your Coffee table. Let me know if you want one.

I was already in love with the place.. the old buildings, the people, the French architecture, the music and the weather. I just don't remember ever reading about or hearing about Spring in Buenos Aires. Not in the way that I experienced it.

One day it is grey and chilly and damp ( that is a bad winter day in BA) and then we woke up to sunshine, birds and these purple flowering trees ... everywhere ... every where.
The big street  down the block from our house is lined with them ... a long Avenue with rows of purple trees on both sides. Like fine jewelry, you don't notice anything else but those trees, that color.

It is Spring, here in New York State.
After a long .. very long winter of snow and ice and freezing temperatures, the smallest sign of Spring is a good one. Cheering a person on .. a few more weeks.. a few more days .. don't give up .. Spring is almost here !

And then it is as if you went to bed in Winter and the next morning you woke to Spring.
Green, flowers, but something is missing .... where is all the Purple ?


  1. For many years I lived in a 1920's Italianate courtyard building in Los Angeles. The entire courtyard was covered in wisteria. Stunning! I miss that too.

    Have a good 4th!


  2. I have a wisteria here in NY and had to have it cut way back almost to the ground. It was threatening to swallow the pool house whole !
    In Buenos Aires, the Jacaranda are so beautiful and everywhere .. a lovely sign of Spring.
    I wonder if they are able to live in a northerly climate like NY State ..

  3. We have lots of Jacaranda trees here Southern California. They are indeed lovely but I think they are for temperate climes. New York would be much too cool.

  4. No. But they do well in Florida and California.

  5. We had lilacs in late spring when I lived in NY. Can you plant purple crepe myrtles up there or is it too cold? I wish we could grow Jacaranda trees here in VA.


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