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Monday, July 27, 2015

Minette and her chipmunk watching

There are days that I have to actually lift her off the desk and carry her away from the window, talking to her softly about birds in trees or Merlin or anything but chipmunks.
I worry about  her.


  1. How big she is now! Her coat is beautiful - you must feed her really healthy kitty food.
    I wonder if she'd chase those tiny chipmunks if outside!

    The visit by the little guy sounded nice - does he like the cats?

    Hugs - Mary

  2. The Little One is interested but not for long. The cats were smart, they looked at him and left.
    Minette is all muscle and sleek .. I think she is gorgeous. Merlin is just a huge mop of hair. He is getting heavy too because he was skin and bones so I have been fattening him up.
    Wait til I move and get a dog ! lol

  3. Morning Candice....
    Thinking of you...
    Hi to Minette...
    Hugs to baby boy...
    And you, of course!
    Linda :o)

  4. What a beautiful cat. Is she a dark grey or black.
    I hope your house gets sold soon. Do you know where you would like to move ?
    Besides Buenos Aires.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hi, Linda :)

    Minnette is a Russian Blue - so she is blue grey. with yellow eyes, she is a knock out :)
    LOL, Buenos Aires for sure but I have a special place picked out in a town nearby .. more on that if it happens :)

  6. Just think about how much fun she is having...rather like us watching a good film, except films usually don't arouse the hunting instinct. LOL

    Miss Twiggley sends her hellos, she too often bounds from one room to another looking out the windows at fascinating creatures. Right now though on this hot summer afternoon she is taking a little nap...and I am going to follow her example. LOL

  7. These hot summer days demand a nap !
    Minette is bored. She goes from window to window then naps.
    Little old Merlin just naps. He is not much fun for Minette.

  8. She probably worries about you too, the things she sees :)


  9. LOL, Hello Andrew ! She might worry ... you are right. I should start taking them with me. I will teach them to walk on little leashes. I
    We will be the hit of the neighborhood ...


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