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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

Yes, where I live, they still have Garden Parties.
I know this because I read about them after they have them. Not because anyone ever invited me to one. whimper whimper.

I should have my own. I have a plenty big enough garden.  Which has just been mown ...
 an acre doesn't look that big when the grass is cut .

It is one of those days .. the air is so clean and fresh that it is as if it was carbonated.
The sun is shining but the air is just cool enough that you don't get too warm out there .. which can be dangerous for those of us with fair skin and freckles......and all those little bitty scars from skin cancer surgeries.
Yep.. I learned that lesson.
I can blind you with the whiteness of my skin .. no sun tan here ..

But it is easy not to get burned here and easy to spend the entire day outside just enjoying the air.
Sleeping with no air conditioning. My air conditioner for the bedroom, is still in the closet.
Maybe I will need it this summer. Maybe not.

Minette has gone from a chair cushion in the sunroom to her perch in the living room window.
She took a nap and now she is on chipmunk watch.

Merlin has been sleeping on the guest bed since breakfast.
He looks at me, mumbles and goes back to sleep.
I am overcome with the need to snuggle him now and then, he tolerates it well, blinks a few times and goes back to sleep.

I am going to get my book and go out into the sunroom and read until dinner time.
Kindle, one of the best inventions .... ever.
After Pampers and computers.. and ..........chocolate .....sunblock ...... Pinot Noir ... Brazilian Santos dark roasted coffee ... cable tv ......  flyer miles .... did I mention chocolate ?


  1. What is going on with the house? Can you get a new agent? your contract must be up soon.

  2. Nothing is happening. No I can't get a new agent. It will happen when it happens. besos.

  3. GOod morning! I hear ya about the garden parties. I'd love to have one but we have too many mosquitos to be outside! We do have a lovely enclosed patio so I could do it in there, but I need the FRIENDS to invite! Thank you so much for coming to visit me! So you know Carmel well? We had honeymooned there 33 years ago, and the following year went back. But it's been three decades since and we decided to go back, and did we ever have an enchanting time. It's true: Carmel is a fairytale land for the eyes. Go back when you can!

    Enjoy a lovely Sunday and take in as much beauty as you can. Anita


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