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Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Get Ideas ...

My little family arrived early today and we walked up to look at the cows with the baby.
He wanted the sheep.
They all stayed too far away, stuck up sheep :(

But he had fun anyway, he is growing fast but it is the talking that gets me.
Last time they visited he wasn't saying much of anything, now he jabbers away.
He is very cute.
Of course.
What grandmere do you know who says her grandbabies are not cute ???

Minette is curious then hides from them.
I have a feeling one of them was not nice to her, giving her a bad memory .. she avoids him now.
Old Merlin slept on my bed, I am not sure if he ever knew anyone was even here !

I made a really good summer lunch then they left.
I made Spanish Rice then let it get to room temperature then mixed it with sauteed yellow corn, then added, red onion, cherry tomatoes halved, black olives and tortilla chips on the side.
Everyone like it and asked for more.

Early this morning, people came to see the house ... groan ...
I drove up the hill and hid out by the barn. Hung out with the horse and some sheep.  They are nice and quiet and easy going .. no demands or asking opinions, I like them.
The realtor spoke to me nicely and did not get snarky or make me feel bad.
Thank Goodness for small favors.
No word on if the people love it or hated it or what .

So that is the news from here.. not much .. no news is good news sometimes.
Looks like another summer storm coming ..

I have been looking at hotel rates in Buenos Aires and airfares.
I have ideas.
They involve selling homes, buying homes, having money, spending money, packing cats and flying, lots of ideas.


  1. I'm happy your family visited. I would have loved that lunch.. it sounds delicious! And I would love to hug your kitties! Big hug Candice. Hope things go the way you want with the house sale.

  2. Oh dear that is a lot of selling, packing, flying, moving, flying and then there is the cats. Plus money.
    I hope the people liked your home.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It sounds like you are having very good ideas! Keep them coming!
    Glad to know that you got company for the weekend. Un beso!


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