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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Little Tango Music

Gotan Project


Tango Music


Tango Santa Maria


  1. You have some good links there. I checked two already and I’ll come back later to check the rest. I like the music when there is a bandoneon playing. My mother taught me how to tango when I was 6, and we danced together often in the house.
    Yesterday I was reading an article about Carlos Gardel I had not seen before. I had to go to Google translate to understand it as I don’t speak Spanish – do you? Here is the link: I already knew he was born in France but I guess now it is official.

  2. I do speak some Spanish, after living in Buenos Aires for 7 years, it sort of rubbed off on me ... and I do like Gardel !

  3. Really enjoying the link to the Tango music. Soothing!
    I purchased tango shoes in Buenos Aires on a trip there 10 years ago. Had started tango while living in Minneapolis. All the men wanted to dance with me because I am so tall and can move quickly in heels.
    Thanks for the little memory trigger today.

  4. Anony, I am so glad that you enjoyed the music. Which shoe place did you go to ? the one in Recoleta down a little allee with the shop at the end ?
    I can't remember the name but it is super popular for really good Tango shoes.
    Aren't the men in BA lovely lol.
    Happy to supply memory triggers .. only good ones !

  5. Hello,
    I looked all over for my old, beat up Guide to Argentina where I know I circled the shoe shop, but alas, I have not been able to find it quickly. I will keep looking though. I can tell you it was not located on an alley. It was a tiny shop in a long line of shops on a side road. Lovely older woman ran the shop. I bought mid-heel with T-strap for my choice. My Swedish traveling companion bought kitten heel version more for a dress shoe and not dancing. The sales woman wrapped each shoe in tissue paper and placed in a white cotton shoe bag. Made it easy to pack in my luggage.
    Do you have a pair? Did you take tango lessons when you lived there?

  6. Anony - It must be Comme Il Faut, on Arenales.
    That is where everyone buys their tango shoes.

  7. I did not take Tango lessons, our friends are Tango dancers and we enjoyed watching them more than taking lessons ..
    You know, a good shoe store in BA will do that same thing with new shoes .. I bought a lot of shoes over the years and they were always packaged very nicely with their own little bags etc.

  8. One other thing I was going to mention because I know you will know what I am speaking of here: liquados. I think that's how it's spelled. Those wonderful fruit smoothies (usually in milk or water) that one can buy all over BA. I made a banana one the other day and a mango one this morning so they have been on my mind. Of course back in 2002 when I was there, this was new and different for an American. Nowadays, these "fruit smoothies" are everywhere. But the first one I ever had was in BA. Thanks for letting me share some great, great memories!

  9. LOL, Liquados are Fabulous !!
    Make one with orange juice, banana and whatever else you want or that is enough ..


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