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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
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Friday, March 13, 2015


I was not going to post about the weather...but..
I was not freezing last night, there was the sound of wind this morning ... along with the pitiful meows of a hungry kitten .. and it doesn't seem to be any colder than usual.

My spirits started to shuffle around and consider getting high.

I looked out the windows as I staggered into the kitchen for my first gallon of coffee ... there are great swatches of ground showing ! the snow is actually melting ... there is a God.

The birds are very busy, # 1 on the list of Things To Do today is Buy Bird Seed.
They are hungry and they are entertaining, especially for Minette, who seems to be getting just a tiny bit neurotic over them.
She dashes into the dining room to look out the glass doors immediately in the mornings.
Now she is just walking around the house, talking, howling, muttering .. the birds must be somewhere else, she is missing them.
Imagine if I bought a couple of little birds and had them in a cage in the house !!
Neither Minette or the birds would last long, she would have a Total Meltdown and they would just die of Fright.

Cars are going by, on a clear, dry road ... this is really exciting.

I will venture out and buy some things for the weekend.
Minette and I are alone but there is no reason why we shouldn't do something special for the weekend.
I am considering baking something ... chocolate ... maybe gooey ... or maybe just a few dozen chocolate chip cookies. That never hurt anyone.

The house is warm and cozy .. can it be true ? Spring is coming ?

I looked at the weather forecast to see what the weekend will be .... I am sorry I did .

Freezing rain,
More Snow , for days and days.
It is 16 degrees out ..

I will go to the store .. buy some chocolate chips .. maybe I will bake ..maybe I will look at real estate in a place where they don't get snow .... maybe I will go back to bed.


  1. So pleased to learn that spring is finally heading in your direction. It does lift the spirits and makes you feel like doing things. I always think that I will use the winter months to give the house a good clean, but the urge never comes until the sun shines and it feels warm again.

  2. And we just got a news flash on the telly, an ice storm is coming. I am happy that I bought groceries today and made soup ( Ribollita) and I have books on my Kindle. Minette and I are very good at finding things to keep us entertained while trapped in the house :)

    I would wait on the Spring Cleaning :)

  3. I am sure that better weather is is just making it's way in fits and starts. Soon the sun will be shining and winter will be past. Enjoy your chocolate chip cookies, they are my favorite too.

  4. Oh , good weather will be here .. I am looking forward to July :)


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