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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It is just one of those days

First of all, it is soooo cold out.
Feels like Snow kind of cold.
Gloomy and raw and still ... I know it ... it is going to snow.

I have errands to run. I went to the mailbox .. yes, the one at the end of the driveway .. it was far enough.. it is too cold to be out.
Minette thinks I should get back in bed and play.
With her.
Take a nap.
With her.
At present I am not speaking to her.
She keeps sharpening her claws on the sofa.
Yes, the sofa we  shipped back here from Argentina.

I think it might be time to look into slip covers or whatever they are ... I like the idea of Toile.
I will become the old woman in the house with her cat, surrounded by Toile.
I might make a little mattress cover in Toile for her bed.
With a tiny pillow ... in toile.
She likes red.

I need soup recipes.
Feel free to email them to me. Or post them here in the comment section.
Think of it as doing your bit to keep me from getting that starved , locked in a house with a wild kitten look.

I made my first Apple Crisp in ages the other day.
Amazing how good it is for Breakfast.

I need a plumber.
I have ice cold water that comes out of the faucets like Niagra falls.
When I turn on the hot water, it dribbles out like .... well ... let me put it this way .. a bird pees with more power.

You can imagine the pleasure of a shower with that kind of water pressure.
In the frozen North.
With a kitten banging on the door to let her in.
So she can leave the door open and run out again.
Over and over and .....

She just knocked something off the dresser ... I stomped in there ... she flopped over on the floor and played Dead Kitty.
When I scooped her up, she made that little tiny scared kitten noise.
A love-in ensued ...
I am such a pushover.

I have to get out of the house ... the Apple Farm is waiting... fresh Macadamia Nut cookies, cider and apples and maybe some zoop. yes... zoop. soup. zoop. same thing.

Stay warm ..


  1. Try Ina Garten's Italian Wedding Soup. Delish!

  2. Mmmm.. it sounds lovely.. thank you !

  3. Get a little squirt bottle and fill it up... Everytime the cat even walks up to the couch to stretch... Aim to squirt right in the nose....make sure it's the sharp squirt.. Not the gentle spray

  4. Scratch..... Not stretch. Greer auto correct

  5. Thank you Kathy
    I have tried the squirt technique, she gets wet, the sofa gets wet, she scratches the sofa while I go get a towel to dry things off.


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