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Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days Until Christmas !

 And I have still not bought presents.
I have been snowed in, people were here that required my presence and now there are no presents !!

Today I went to a shop to buy something ... anything ! and the store was closed.
Monday .. all the shops close on Monday !! ARGGGGHHH !

And I braved driving out of the driveway covered with snow.

Dear Santa ... don't forget I need boots for walking in snow.
I only have nice boots for walking on city streets ... dry city streets.
And my Ugg boots for being warm in the house .. there is nothing like a suede boot full of shearling to make your toes curl up and sigh.

Today I will make lists.
Tomorrow I will go shopping.
IF I can get to Great Barrington Ma. That is the best little town for shopping, you name it, they've got it. I plan on getting myself some good snow boots too. A good down coat would be nice.
Last year I didn't bother .. this year I must get a coat. For living in the Frozen North.
I never needed a coat that warm before ...

Minette has fallen in love with the scarf-thing that I bought .
It is a circle .. you pull it over your head to wear it around your neck.
It is some ridiculously soft furry looking stuff but creamy white with dark chocolate brown at the roots ...
I wanted to wear it to bed last night.
It can be my Security blanket during the Night and a Scarf during the Day.
I sleep alone, I need the extra warmth that is missing..and at the same time, there is no one here to laugh at me for looking so goofy.

Now I have to get back to making lists and figuring out my Christmas Dinner.
It is going to be something that can be made ahead, so I can spend all my time with a one year old who is going to experience a Christmas very unlike last years.
There will be a real tree and lights and stockings and presents and laughter and music.
Oh ... and a cat.

(who is staring at me right now, sending telepathic messages to me ... Mama ... Mamaaaa, I want something to eeeeeat ) ...

If you haven't done it, remember to mail your Christmas cards so they aren't late.
I hate getting cards After Christmas !


  1. I've lived with cold Canadian winters all my life and will never love the cold but it is much, much easier when you are warmly dressed. (Don't worry about how you think it looks. You will be shocked how much better it feels!) Thick mittens or warm gloves too and a cosy hat as well as your boots and coat. Even when you don't wear them you can have them in the car with you just in case. If you feel frivolous you could get two throws made of that furry for you, and one for Minette! (She is a sweetheart...those eyes!) Take care...

  2. I lived in NY for many years before we moved to Argentina so I knew what I was coming back to but this is farther north and I was not prepared to be so chilled...all the time lol
    I just bought a really nice puffy coat .. more serious than those I had .. and I have a multitude of cashmere and furry scarves and mittens.
    and I am still cold LOL
    Next will be some kind of furry socks :)
    I am wearing my Uggs now, they are my house shoes .. for ever ..

  3. Winter tires, too, if you don't have them. They add greatly to peace of mind!

  4. LOl, thank you Georgia.. we lived in NY before we moved to Argentina .. my new car has wonderful tires and to tell the truth, if there is snow on the road, I stay home but I am all set for the winter .. I just wish it was over already :)


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