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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Soup would be nice.

It is a good day to have nothing that I have to do.
Nowhere I have to go.
And no one here but the kitten and myself.
The landscaper came earlier today and after filling 7 big bags with leaves, left.
He will be back next week with more bags and I will be here with more leaves. Many . More.

It is  raw and wet and cold out .. I would like to have a fireplace but a soft sofa with a kitten and one of my husbands soft sweaters on ... I am managing okay.

Soup would be nice.
Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I raked and bagged so many &%$@! bags of leaves while being a wife, mom and a 50+ hrs-a week manager, I hate the damn things and I now live somewhere I will never rake/bag again! Tomorrow is a new day....:)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Anony, I am thinking more and more along the lines of living somewhere that Other people do the raking and bagging. I am considering moving closer to the city, into a townhouse of some sort.
Just an idea I am mulling over at the moment, but the yard work would not be an issue.. which is a big plus.

Mary said...

We have millions of our own leaves to rake later - they're still clinging - but have raked and swept acorns from the deck for several weeks, a huge year for them.
I too would love a piece of land where the trees are far away from the house - I love them but they are dangerous. We look at condos now and then but just aren't ready yet!

Be warm my dear - snuggling with Minette weather is definitely in the air.
Hugs - Mary

P.S. speaking of trees - Donna's monthly photo challenge,, subject TREES, is next Sat. You will see great tree pics - including my own - there. You should join in and have fun with we amateur photographers!

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