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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Minette and I

Yahoo features Pet Finder on their main page.
I look at it. I end up reading stories about pets that have been lost, given to shelters because they barked or wouldn't bark or wanted to play or whatever lame excuse some dim-witted person thought up in order to excuse the fact that they were giving a cat or dog to a shelter that would most likely kill them.
At times like this- when I read stories like these, I hate people.

I look at Minette. Tiny still, blue , huge yellow eyes and a personality as big as a tank.
She talks, she scolds me, she purrs like a freight train and she weighs 6 pounds.
She is totally fearless yet she now runs to me if something startles her or she realizes she hasn't seen me in the past 15 minutes.
She walks up me when I am lolling on the sofa and circles a few times, of course I am part of the sofa... what else am I doing there ? and then settles down for a nap , usually with her head tucked under my chin.
I cannot move until that nap is over.
I cannot cough, sneeze, answer the phone or change channels .. forget about the book that she has pushed out of her way, no reading that either !
I admit, there are days that I end up taking a wee cat nap with her. Something about the warm little body and the purring .. it is impossible to resist.

She keeps me company, she makes me laugh, she sympathizes when I am sad .. now how could any human take a little creature like her and just hand her to strangers in a shelter that will put her to sleep ?

It is beyond me.
I sort of like to pretend people like that don't exist.

I am not sure how long I will be living in this house .
When , if I move again, I am giving serious thought to 1- a puppy/dog 2- another kitten to keep her company. Or maybe, if I were to move somewhere smaller than this house, just Minette and I will be fine. We are a duo now.


  1. that's how it is with me and my dog, Pastis

  2. I love your blog. Keep writing! Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.

  3. Minette certainly chose the perfect mommy!
    So happy you two have bonded so strongly. I know she will go wherever you go Candice, and the two of you will always snuggle together through thick and thin!

    Stay warm - hoping this winter will be less trying for you and Minette.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Hi Candice,
    It's lovely to have a pet for company, isn't it ? We used to have 3 cats, one ginger, one grey and one peach { they are all gone now } and, they would sit on my book, paper, computer, anything to get my attention !!!!
    ….. and, I know exactly what you mean when they decide to sleep on your lap ….. you can't move until they decide that their nap is over !!
    Have a happy week Candice. XXXX


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