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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sundays in Palermo Soho

On a Summer Sunday, we would grab a Taxi outside the door and scoot over to Palermo Soho where we would have brunch, shop, look in every single window ( or as many as I could before I was dragged away) , go to galleries, parks, stop for drinks and people watch and shop some more.

I enjoyed the place as much as the things we did ... the architecture is what I dream of still.. the French influence, the age of everything, there were cobblestone streets that were terrible for walking on and noisy for cars to drive over but they were SO charming !

Balconies were laden with plants and flowers bloomed everywhere .. as did graffiti.
I always liked the idea of the police catching the vandals and making them spend weeks cleaning the buildings ..

There were shops that only sold handbags. My version of Heaven.
There were all styles, colors, shapes and sizes. The leather was always soft as .. well .. soft.
The colors were lovely, the styles always current.
The styles whether in clothing, shoes or handbags, in Buenos Aires, were according to Europe, not the US.
So I often bought an outfit in Buenos Aires, that was just coming out in Paris, that was not even heard of yet in New York.
I liked that. I am shallow..

When we visited Buenos Aires, I bought bags for myself and for  my daughter and that trend continued once we moved there.
I have bags in my closet that whisper to me, señora, me llevan hoy !! Carry me today !! And I   give in .. The sheep at the farm on the hill admire them, the boy at the supermarket commented on one, it is a bit big, isn't it ? The lady at the pharmacy loved one .. the color ! where did you get it ?
I used to get a kick out of saying Buenos Aires ...  recently more than one person has asked me "Where ?  where is that ? "...  sigh ~

The kitten especially likes the big soft black bag that looks like something Mary Poppins would carry .. she climbs inside and naps.
I worry one day I will stick my hand in my bag to get my wallet out and a kitten will pop out instead.
that will give the checkout lady a chuckle for the day ..

well, gotta go ... the bags are all neat and in their spots, now for the shoes. Seasons change, sandals have to go to bed and the boots have to come out ... sigh ... it is Spring in Buenos Aires .. all the new shoes and handbags are in the stores ..

Mishka, Buenos Aires ..



Mary said...

Love stylish handbags and shoes! Though as I age, I (sadly) seem to need more practical shoes... Somehow practical is not nearly as much fun... :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Mary, Practical is hardly ever fun but we can make up for it in other ways. The purses and jewelry can be more outrageous lol. besos.

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