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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One of those days .....

It's One of Those Days.
It started out OK but went downhill from there.
I was looking for something and I hit my head on something. Hard.
I have a lump on my head.

Everything I do is taking too long and I am not getting anything accomplished.
Well, I did make a bigger mess of my closet.

I am trying to make a list for the market.
I went yesterday.
I bought an avocado.
I need a lot more than that.
Today I will make a list.
And forget it and find it tomorrow.
And see that nothing on the list has been bought yet.

I was dressed and all ready to walk out the door.
In fact, I was at the door .. I looked at the dish where the car keys are ... they were not there.

Thus began the waste of hours of my day, with a fascinated kitten following me every step, listening to my ever growing repertoire of "bad words" ... some of them are reeeally bad.
I said those a lot.
A Lot.

The kitten gave up looking under the bed and in the closet and took a nap.

I sat on the floor and almost wept from just being so tired of forgetting things and not knowing things and not having anyone to talk to.

I will soon be standing by the mailbox, waiting for someone to drive by , perhaps they will slow down and I can run alongside the car, just chatting to them.
Nothing special, just talking to another human.
The kitten will watch from her spot in the front window.
She will be relieved that I will give her some peace and quiet.

If someone calls on the phone, I am very aware of not being the one doing all the talking.
It barely slows me down.

Luckily, only my children call me.
They understand. Or at least they are sympathetic and don't yell at me/mock me/run away.

Minette might be wearing little tiny kitten earplugs.
She has gotten very weird about me looking at her ears.

I am exhausted from searching for the keys.
I threw some things in the wash and now I will go to a small market and get what I need and see if I can do it without talking to the checkout lady.. the man stacking the produce into perfect pyramids .. the old guy by the door who always says hello ... I will take his place soon.

I remembered that I wore a vest yesterday with the jeans .. aha ... the keys... sitting here so innocently .. waiting for the madwoman to find them.

It looks like rain now.
There go my plans to go talk to the horse up at the farm.
Maybe Minette wants to play cards ..


  1. I'm glad you turned Comments back on - I wrote a longish comment on 'Doors' post but then couldn't send it!
    I lose keys, and other things too, it's not unusual I assure you.
    Hope the bump on your head is nothing too serious - and that Minette makes dinner for you with that avocado, and tucks a blanket around you while you snuggle this evening!

    Hugs - Mary

    1. Mary, I can only reply to these comments if I use Safari instead of Google Chrome .. no idea why but slightly annoying. Thank you for trying !
      The head bump is fine, Minette refuses to cook, something about her mama didn't teach her or something ... I have lived on avocados this summer and enjoyed it , I will miss them this winter .. besos ..

  2. It's so frustrating to forget where things are. Misplacing things is my hobby. Spares help.

    1. As long as I don't misplace the kitten, we are good.

  3. The anxiety of misplacing keys - oy.... it just happened to me a week ago... I thought about getting The Clapper Key Chain! Oh now that Autumn is setting in, you will be able to get to enjoy the vegetable stalls/markets for delicious Autumn veggies - you are so lucky.... I am so green with envy of you and being able to watch the changing of the seasons... This was a good year for avocados, wasn't it? :) XX

    1. The Clapper is not a bad idea. I might have to put one on the kitten too. She hides and falls asleep and I panic thinking she got out of the house. I have spent this summer eating from farm stands, it is wonderful. And I may begin to look like an avocado :)


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