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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Chipmunks, Cats and Hedges .. Life in the Country.

It was a nice day today, weather wise .. A sweater was all that was needed. The sun would hide behind the clouds for a few minutes then come out and blind everyone .. more and more trees are turning colors, red seems to be popular this year.
The corn fields are either full of dry rattling old corn stalks or it is all cut down and bare and cold looking.
The crows and smaller birds are very happy with everything right now.
In my neck of the woods, the deer, rabbits, chipmunks and Mrs Woodchuck are content.

Minette will be hopelessly neurotic about watching the chipmunks and this winter   she might be in for some therapy, if those little creatures don't show up every morning for her.
She has breakfast then dashes to the dining room windows to look for them.
I open the doors to the sunroom and she dashes out there, to spend the day ... The ..Day , on her little pillow, face against the glass, nothing moving but an occasional twitch of her tail .. keeping track of every chipmunk movement and conversation.
Some days I see them just sitting out there, they know she is there watching, but they figured it out, she can't get them.
They still scream and run when I open the doors, but Minette doesn't scare them anymore.
I have not told her this ... everyone needs their little dreams.

Right now she is zonked out in her crate.
She had to be put in there for Time Out.
After I got half a dozen new cuts and scratches .. she starts playing and then goes crazy and my hands tend to get the worst of it.

I look like I do drugs. My arms are covered with little bloody holes .. the size of , oh, say a cats claw.
Even when she is happy, she digs in and leaves a hole in me.
The vet tech did a lousy job Saturday with her manicure.

There is a big privet hedge that runs along my driveway from the garage to the street.
It was left to just grow and now it is too wide, too high and not a good idea.
Not to mention, someone is going to scratch their new car on it as it reaches out over the driveway.
Friday the wonderful man who tends the gardens and pool, is going to take it down.
The chainsaw has been rented, I will call the gardener Leatherface .. ( get it ?)

Then I will plant bulbs and plan what should go in its place ... something low .. perhaps something green .. perhaps stones. A New England stone wall .. I have a tiny one .. I can just extend it to the house... how long will it take me to get that many big round-ish stones ?
Bulbs might be easier. Any ideas, feel free to tell me.

I am now going to go visit Sephora . com ... It is that or eat a slice of cake.

Which would you do ?


Sabrina said...

SO Beautiful, SO Green.... You probably would be better off with bulbs!!! :) Unless you go order stones and have them delivered and start building your own wall.. pretend you live in Ireland or somewhere like that building your stone wall.... :) xx

NotesFromAbroad said...

Sabrina, I am considering going Stone hunting.
I will pretend I am looking for truffles or something ... but the car will be loaded with small smooth round stones for my wall. No one will guess ! lol

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