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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Cat Whisperer

Minette thinks she rules this house but I just let her think that .
I am very diplomatic that way.

She runs amok, knocking things over and off and down.
She sits in windows watching chipmunks.
She sits by the doors in the garden room, on a pillow that is meant just for her, watching for chipmunks.
She might be getting just a little neurotic.

If I walk into a room and make the sound CHI ... as in CHIpmunk .. she flies across the room to the window or door and stares intently, where is the chipmunk.
She is easy to mess with.

I can leave her at the window staring and go to the supermarket and have a nice drive home and she will be in the same spot ...

Neurotic might not be a strong enough word.

When she takes breaks from obsessing over chipmunks ... she concentrates on getting my attention.

She manages this by ... walking where she should not . Dresser tops, kitchen counters, glass stove top !!
generally irritating me ..
As in just now, trying to climb into the trash basket. Which fell over. Which spilled papers out ..

She laughs at me when I scold her.

But she does understand when I hold my finger or hand up in front of her face .. she bites .. she loves me therefore she bites me.
I have tiny holes all over me ... I am well loved.

So I hold my hand in front of her face and tap her on the nose... she Hates that !
Now if she starts to chew on me, I hold my hand up and she immediately flattens her ears and stops biting.

She just fell into the trash basket, time to go  ... we must have a Talk.

I am the Cat Whisperer ..

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