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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Monday ...

Monday Monday .... I miss the Mamas and the Papas, don't you ?

Last weekend I had a meeting with the corner of a car door.
I am sure the car door has no memory of it but I have had this nagging pain, only when I breathe, since it happened.

1- I got tired of painful breathing
2- When it started to hurt when I picked up a shopping bag, it was time to do something about it.
3- When family members started telling me stories of doom ... well .. you get the picture

I went to the doctor this morning and we had a few laughs ... No Doctor, it only hurts when I laugh.
I am fine, no breaks,  diagnosis- Chest Wall Contusion =  a deep bone bruise ...

So I cheerfully walked out , hugging my ribs close to me and moseyed  on up the road to the Farm Stand.
Where I bought my Macadamia Nut cookie and some Zucchini.
The Zucchini was merely for show- how could I  be buying giant Macadamia Nut cookies at 10 am ??? Surely I would not eat one that early ??
I have to go back out to the car with the car vac, there are cookie crumbs all over the place !

So my ribs still hurt but I don't care, they are not broken.
The sun is shining, there are a few clouds and the world is at its peak of Summertime flowering and greenness .. I will be so sad to see it go. Autumn is fabulous here but it also means the bare trees and cold weather and Please God don't let it snow  without a break kind of Winter.

I hope your Monday is good.

Tell me about it.

Someone enjoys the sun on her face too ..


  1. So pleased that you didn't do too much damage….. just don't laugh too much for a while !!!!
    There is definitely a chill in the air here in the UK ….. I find that far too early so, I hope that there will be some more warm weather before the Autumn sets in.
    Today we are looking after our grandson and he is staying the night …. lots of playing trains and train crashes !!!!! XXXX

  2. Having a grandbaby to yourself is such a treat !
    Enjoy !!

    Trying not to laugh :)

  3. Gail, in northern CaliforniaAugust 18, 2014 at 8:53 PM

    Kicking and screaming the whole way...nevertheless, I know things have to be done before winter really sets in so recently I've had the chimney cleaned and inspected. Tomorrow they've scheduled me for the delivery of one ton Golden fire Wood Pellets for the pellet stove. I don't want another winter so soon, there's a sense of dread, especially after being confined to my house for over a week last year. Bad enough as a couple but alone, no thanks. I think I'm just getting tired of it all.


  4. Gail, every time I think back on this past winter, the sadness and desolation, I want to run screaming from the house .. I have open invitations to Buenos Aires and I want to be there but I want to see my children .. it is difficult. A new plan will be made eventually but for the time that we .. me and someone in my position, take to adjust and make the right decisions, has to be spent healing from our grief and learning all the new ways of living.
    I hate it but it does feel a bit better now than it did a few months ago.
    I hope you know what I mean. Hugs.


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