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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saving Birds ... One at a time

Minette the kitten goes out into the "solarium" every morning to keep an eye on the chipmunks and birds.
The bird feeders are out back and are very busy most days.
I am out in the country so there are various visitors at all times of the day - deer and snapping turtles and the usual gazillion birds and our family of chipmunks and many rabbits ...
I guess there are snakes and definitely spiders and I have been told there are bears and coyotes/wolves.
 ( I am guessing wild dogs before I believe we have coyotes/wolves)

So ... today, having my first cup of coffee.. I see a bird ( bluejay ? robin?) in the yard when suddenly, shockingly to Minette and to me .. a hawk/falcon swooped down and grabbed up the big bird !
Who flapped around and complained but that hawk just kept going !

I .... distressed by it all ... ran out the back door in my pajamas, yelling at the hawk ..
(Candid Camera would have made millions)

Here is the good part of the story -

The hawk dropped the bird.
Who flew over , then away ...
I like to think the flyover was a Thank You to me.


  1. I think my jaw would just drop open -=- and then I, too, would run into the yard in my pajamas!

    Once saw Liza Bean catch a bird, mid-air, about five feet off the ground. It was a fantastic acrobatic feat that resulted in me running into the yard shouting "Let it go! Let it go!"


    Feeling better today, my friend. :-)


  2. Thank you Pearl ! I feel ok. There is this certain little kitten who doesn't believe in sleeping late or being quiet in the early hours ... sigh.

    Go Liza Bean !!

    Yes, I taught the big birds a lesson .. mess with the little birds and a Banshee comes running after you.


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