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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Looking Back - A Beautiful Walk

This was at the corner of our street , where we lived in Buenos Aires.
I took thousands, no, not exaggerating, thousands of photos over the 7 years that we were there.
I am considering making a book of photos.
Even if it is only for me and the family.

Every time I look at a photo, I can see it all in my minds eye.
I can hear the noise, cars honking, people walking and talking, dogs barking,
the sounds of life in Buenos Aires.
I can remember every step of the walk from our apartment, across the street, around the corner and down this street, to the end , where there is a wide flight of stairs down to the next street, and on to the supermarket.  Just going to buy groceries was a beautiful walk. Whatever the season.


  1. What a beautiful building. Buenos Aires sounds like such an alive, joyful place! I'm glad you have wonderful memories like this of a place of beauty and love. Hugs, Candice. xx

  2. Oh yes dear, do make a wonderful photo book - you will enjoy the process and then having it to hold and pages to turn. I made one recently of my trip to Budapest, Vienna and Prague last Oct. - no words, just my favorite pics, and I often just sit quietly with a cup of tea and enjoy the memories….rather than going online and looking there.

    Hugs - Mary


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