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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Is Where I Live

There are houses nearby , across the street and on either side of me.
But the properties are acres so we are not within yelling distance .. which is lovely, after living in a crowded very noisy city, this is what people get all sentimental over ... the peace and quiet of living in the country.

This is my neighbor, where the Highland Cattle live, with the sheep who have little babies now, and goats who have little babies now and the one lonely horse who always looks a bit disgruntled.
With the weather improving and no more ice and snow on the roads, I am once again, enjoying driving a car ! and zooming over hills and dales, over the river and through the woods ... ok .. I will stop.
But it is great to drive here , traffic is when there is another car on the road , up ahead ...
No such thing as gridlock .. if you hear a fire siren, you stop and listen for a minute ! In Buenos Aires, you heard sirens all the time, I quit hearing them, they were just so much noise after a while.
Here, you stop and listen.
And here are the sheep
Ever hear of the Chatham Sheepherding Company ?
There they are .. the sheep anyway. Everywhere you look, rolling hills and sheep. And now, at this time of year, little lambs.  Eating ivy. A kid'll eat ivy too. (get it ? write me and tell me if you did )

You can go here and buy things .. I have not been but I have heard about the fine quality wool things they have . I drive by there sometimes and what a sight ! sheep and more sheep !

And then you can stop after all that sheep viewing and have coffee and some amazing baked goods at the Old Chatham Country Store and Cafe.
I LOVE the cafe .. in winter, the wood burning stove in the middle of the room is hot and the room is warm and toasty and there is local art and photography on all the walls and everyone acts like they know everyone so it is cozy and nice ..
If you are ever in New York State near Old Chatham, go there .. really, you will love it too.

Friday Minette goes to the doctor. Her health is still not perfect and I want this tiny little girl to be well and to live a very long time. So off to the doctor we go ...

So that's it from here, where I live.
Hope you liked it .

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  1. Hello my friend...popping in for a quick visit. Yes, spring and warm weather is much more preferable when country living (the winter and cold months are so isolating).Wishing Minette a fabulous check up at the doc... furbabies bring so much into our lives. hugs and blessings C. (HHL)


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