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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Adventures of Minette

I should just name the blog the Adventures of Minette.

Today Minette decided that I need washing ... often ... throughout the day.
Early today, it was while I was sitting here on the computer.
She hopped into my lap , onto the desk then proceeded to wash whatever part of me she could reach.
Tonight, I was stretched out on the sofa, watching television, she hopped up on the sofa, walked up me, curled up like a little sweetie on my chest and washed my chin.
Then my face ... when she started to bite my fingernails, I had to call an end to my bath.
She is now curled up into a little kitten ball on the sofa ... so very sweet.

Minette makes odd noises when she sees the birds at the bird feeders now.
Sort of strangled hysteria ... translated it might be something like omigodbirds !!!!
Then her tail whips around and she hunches down ( so they can't see her ) and her eyes follow them and she twitches and god forbid she ever actually got out of the house and met one face to face.
The bird would fall over laughing.

Then of course, tonight she had to wait until I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner ( this is not a big job these days, believe me) and she began her nightly Running Amok.
This involves knocking everything off the coffee table, jumping onto my bed, from there onto the night table, jumping up onto the window sill. Knocking things over along the way.
I run at her screaming, hoping it will be so frightening she will never do it again.
She waits until I am almost there to grab her and then she hops down and saunters into the den to climb onto the desk and throw the mouse under the sofa.

I swear I heard her laugh tonight, watching me trying to reach the mouse under the sofa.
That weighs 10,000 lbs .. without the pillows.

I drove to Great Barrington where I shopped for groceries at my favorite store, the Big Y.
Yes, I drive to another state to buy groceries ... I am funny that way.
They make good salads ( mozzarella and olives) and baked goods ( donuts, muffins, cookies) and most of all, I just like the drive from here to there and back.

If you had to name the drive .. it would be called Over the River and Through  the Woods.
There is wildlife involved, sometimes flying in squadrons, sometimes just one lone hawk floating up there, hunting field mice ... deer , and then there are the horse farms , Equine Advocates and cows and sheep and goats and more horses.

So wherever I drive around here, it is always pretty.

I did my shopping, visited my friends then flew home to see if Minette was alright.
I woke her from her nap.
She gave me a puzzled look and asked, what are you doing and when will dinner be ready?
I thought she might have slept all the time I was gone but then when I noticed the mouse was not on the desk, the hairbrush was on the bathroom floor and my kindle was ready to fall off the bedside table, I got the idea that more goes on at my house when I leave Minette alone ..
or is she alone when I leave the house ? Hmmmmmm ~


  1. Hello Candice:

    You certainly have your hands full with Minette but that, on reflection, is possibly no bad thing. Perhaps in time, as she grows older, her behaviour will modify and you will return after a shopping trip to slightly less in the way of chaos.

    Do you have pictures of her? It would be lovely if you were to post the occasional one.

  2. I like the name actually - good name for a blog

  3. That's a great name for her blog! She does get into some mischief, doesn't she? Lol. Husband and i have talked about setti.g up a 'nannycam' while we're gone sometime to see what our 3 kitties get up to when we're not home! (Maybe we don't want to know!) Lol


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