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Sunday, March 16, 2014

What You write and what They read/hear ....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ..

"It makes me sad to read these two comments. I'm sorry that you think of Americans this way. Very sad."

There is apparently even more discrepancy than I realized, or some people look for offense where there is none or some people have Reading Comprehension difficulties.

I got an anonymous ( but of course) comment on my post  "Thoughts on Buenos Aires" .. posted last week.

Apparently, someone got their knickers in a twist because I did not praise Americans sufficiently, even though I am an American and decided to live in the US and that one of the wonderful, wonderful things we have here in the US is The Right To Free Speech.

I revel in my Freedom of Speech.
I roll around in it and love it.
I use it all the time.
I use it in other languages sometimes, just to be wild and crazy.
I have been known to use it with four letter words. 
I have been known to use it with four legged creatures who act like they understand me.
I totally use it with my new tiny little grandson and he is starting to use it with me.
I will continue to post on My blog and say whatever I feel like saying and as usual, I do keep in mind my readers and my Followers , most of whom I have a great affection for but please, really, if you are having a bad day, don't    go being  whiney and pissy to some poor blogger who does this out of enjoyment and not to follow someone else's rules.
Because if you care that much, go make your own blog.  


  1. Don't give an online troll the power they want to have.... :) If they don't like what you write, they don't need to read it... that is what Freedom is all about. Nobody forces people to have to read a blog they don't like!!!! Just know that there are people who would have loved to have experienced living abroad as you did, and who appreciate all that you have shared of that experience... because that is truly what counts.

  2. Thank you Sabrina.. the comment came from a nutter. I am just lucky that all my comments are from nice people .. so that one set me back for a moment. But only a moment. I know what I meant and I think most people who have some sort of adult reading comprehension will too.

  3. You tell 'em Candice! And i totally agree. Your blog, your rules!

    I'm taking a break from my blog, because i just haven't been in the mood to write mine, but i've been enjoying visiting ones i follow. Write what you feel. I made the mistake for a long time in thinking i had t please my followers, not that i think i shouldn't think of them, of course, but i was censoring myself way too much. I don't always feel flowery and smiley-happy, and i'm going to write what i want from now on. I won't be a whiny pessimist all the time either, but, well you know what i mean, right? :) Anyway, write what you feel. I love it here! Anonymous can stew in his/her own juices!

  4. Well said Candice! Don't let the nutters get you down.
    Another huge fan of your blog.

    Barbara, aka hetsimij2.


  5. Having learned a bit about Anonymous, I can see she certainly is bitter.. friendless and surprise ! on various websites where people like to complain :)
    So yes, Mary, let her stew !
    Barbara, un grande beso :)
    Sabrina, I have been trying to get the kitten to read my blog .. she keeps asking me, "where is the part about the mouse ?"

  6. I changed mine to not allow anonymous comments...
    It seems to have worked!
    Perhaps try that...go into your settings...and fix it there...
    Enjoy your week!
    Linda :o)


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