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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This really is Glamorous

Some blogs are just so wonderful, so beautiful just to look at .. no thinking required, other than where can I find that ? or when can I go there ?
This is Beautiful .... really.
This is Glamorous 

I am up to my eye balls in paperwork and kittens .. well a kitten.. 
Thanks to This is Glamorous for the images.
Thanks to the kitten for losing the top to my computer mouse.


Furtheron said...

Well it is a mouse - what did you expect a kitten to do with a mouse? ;-)

NotesFromAbroad said...

LOL, you are right .. I will have to look for a computer dog next.

Mary said...

Yes, glamorous of course, but aren't they mostly images taken from other sources, not the blogger's own pics? I'd rather read someone like you who has a real story to share dear!

Kitties + mousies, it all makes sense, haha!

Hope you're warmer than us - still below freezing and it's 1 PM. Ice-covered trees, Daffodils flat on the ground, light sleet falling……….this is the south????????

Hugs - Mary

Mary said...



angiemanzi said...

a bit belated but the "THIS IS GLAMOROUS" post forced me to go to "THIS IS GLAMOROUS" and what I crave now is the life of the woman who has that gorgeous tub with the Chanel bath products. Made me smile, many thanks.

NotesFromAbroad said...

SO glad it made you smile :)
Thank you for letting me know. besitos.

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