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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Insane Kitten

It is Sunday.
I woke for the first time in weeks, to an Empty House.
Just the kitten and me ... all alone again.
We will need a bit of time to adjust ... again.
It is raining. The last of the winters snow is melting away fast !
It had become natural, all that white snow, now things are more colorful and there is a lot of brown and green out there !

Yesterday, walking out to the mailbox, I heard the sound that is becoming typical here, Snow Geese on the way home.
Great long lines flying across the sky, in their formation, honking, honking .. you would think there was a lot of traffic up there with all that honking !
Honking to be sure that last straggler keeps up !
Honking to keep them in line, don't wander off ! keep up ! watch out for low flying planes !  we are almost home !

The deer are still having lunch and sometimes breakfast in the back yard but mostly they seem to be going across the street to the really big back garden of the neighbors .
I am looking forward  to seeing  the new fawns that  come in the Spring.
Up the hill at the farm, we have baby lambs, baby Highland cattle and one baby goat .
Baby goats are cute ... and very vocal.
You will see it when you drive by, can't miss it, really.
There are large mounds of bales of hay .. the baby goat will be on top.
This one is going to drive it's mama crazy with the climbing on everything.... she and I with the kitten, have something in common.

Speaking of kittens .. (which I do probably too much) ... she woke this am and started to look for my daughter (who has been staying here for my birthday week ) .
They had an instant rapport, no doubt due to
1 - my daughters great love for cats
2- my daughter knows just where to scratch and what to say
3- she speaks Cat .

Now the kitten is wandering the house - meowing.
It would be a sad sight if she weren't so annoying.
While she wanders and makes pitiful noises, she is knocking things off of coffee tables and scratching furniture.
She also hates closed doors.
Hates them.

I am considering taking a drive. It is raining.
There isn't anywhere in particular I want to go .
Odds are I will not go any farther than the considering stage.

It might be one of those Sundays where a person is better off, lolling on the sofa, listening to music, reading a good mystery ... with the company of an insane kitten.

Have a good Sunday .

             You can see it .. the Insane part ... look at that face, innocent kitten, but the eyes !!  


  1. Yes, a lolling day for sure! We were under a tornado warning last evening - with possible damaging hail, and we have large old trees which might fall on our driveway anytime there's strong winds! We drove both cars under a sturdy parking deck nearby just in case - sat in there for an hour until the storm passed. No damage here but the tornado did touch down just east of us, fortunately minor damage, mostly downed trees, no injuries that we've heard of.

    Glad daughter and kitten got along well - yes those eyes tell much!

    Glad the melt is on - geese and deer sound like life is on the move and Spring has reached the north - so happy for you dear. May the week ahead be a good one in many ways.

    Did you gals get to go shopping and treat yourselves to something 'Springy'?

    Hugs - Mary

  2. ……..well at one time I was happy to be making THAT MUCH….now when I see that paltry S.S. payment going in the bank each month I wish I had worked harder at school to become a neurosurgeon…..or had been blessed with better genes (sorry mum and dad) to make it on the big screen, hahahahahaha!!!!

    Love, Mary - just an ordinary old gal who wouldn't know how to spend millions if she had them!!!
    Of course I'd love to have them to give away - now that would be great fun and the best part of being wealthy for me!


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