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Friday, March 7, 2014

Minette Goes to the Doctor and Other Scary Stories

Minette, a tiny bit of fluff.
She was found at just a few weeks of age, under a train trestle, in the snow and wet,  with another cat. 
The other cat was older and died shortly after being found. 
Minette, the tiny, sick and pitiful, is also Minette the strong and the brave. 
She defied the vets predictions and lived.
Lived to see me walk in the door and to grab my hand and say Take Me Home.

We have been getting along fine. 
She soothes my nerves, lifts the black cloud of sadness a bit and at least once a day, makes me laugh.

She  weighs , as of todays vet visit , 6 pounds. 
I guess I am doing something right ! she has doubled her weight since she came home with me.
Humans would not be so happy about that but she seems to be quite content.

She is getting more and more playful and is very affectionate.

The vet and assistants all seemed to love her, she was a good little girl, probably because going to a vet is something she is quite accustomed to ... poor little bit.
The vet was feeling her and looking in her ears and Minette was purring away .. you could hear her in the whole room ... 

She got vitamins and a shot .. she has stomach issues and we need for her to thrive .. not be sick anymore.

When we got home, she proceeded to pay me back for taking her to get a shot and knocked things over, played in her litter, jumped from my bed to the window , narrowly missing knocking over the lamp and she bit my finger.

I am so glad to see her feeling well enough to be such a little bitty monster.

The Vet that I took her to is The Small Animal and Equine Hospital 

It is soooo beautiful... North Chatham is horse farms and houses from the 17-1800s .. rolling hills, farms, woods and sheep and horses . 

I would not say no to living there .. even though I want to live in a city again. I am confused.

Minette still has a lingering infection from being so sick when found .. so now, hopefully she will be well soon.
She also is taking chewables to make her strong and healthy .. things she missed out on when taken from her mama too young.

So now she has me, her Other Mother and I will make sure she gets fat and strong and well.
We have years ahead of us, Minette and I.


  1. I am so happy she is thriving and hope the shot will clear up her stomach issues! She is a beautiful kitten and will probably calm down.... Someday...
    Glad you found each other :)

  2. I look for your blog, and read it whenever you post. This is my first comment. Don't feel confused . You want several love the beauty of nature and you also want to feel have peace, but to also have stimulation. I have an idea of how you should go....but do I dare intrude? Who am I , after all? Only someone who needs the same things.
    I found my answer in Washington,DC. An international city full of green space. The terrace of my condo overlooks Rock Creek Park. In less than five minutes I can be in a natural wilderness. Five minutes in the other direction..all on foot...I can be in Dupont Circle. Food museums parks music people from all over the world. Great beauty abound in public and private places. I could go on and on.
    Two hours from NYC, Great public transportation of all kinds ( no car for me) peace of mind with wonderful condo neighbors and ease of maintanance with the co-operation of this select community of people I admire so much.
    Find a place like this....or come here....I'll be your first friend here. I'm rooting for you everyday.

    G in DC

  3. Sara, thank you .. yes, we found each other and I am so glad.
    G ... if I moved to DC, I would be sure to call you my first friend. But I have a feeling that I will be staying in NY .. but I will still call you my friend, if you like.

  4. Hello Candice:

    We are following the progress of Minette with great interest. We are delighted to know that things are going so well for her. She could not have found a better home.

    Now things need to get better with you.

  5. Thank you Jane and Lance ..Minette and I will muddle along, finding our way together. Your good wishes mean a lot to me ..

  6. G in DC, thank you so very much for your comment, your kind words. We visited DC a couple of times and I liked it very much, it would be an interesting place to live ! I never really considered living there .. maybe I should.
    My one priority is to be as close as possible to my tiny family ...
    whatever I decide on, we can still be friends. Thank you.

  7. Hope you find a better place to live, soon! It is hard to move but a better location would be good.

    Have you considered Manhattan? Maybe close to Central Park?


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