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Saturday, February 15, 2014


                                                               photo: the paper mulberry

I wonder how my kitchen would look ....if I did something like this .
I have been  thinking of doing something like a white wash / white paint on my kitchen cupboards.
The problem with that might be the paint on the old wood/if it is indeed real wood.
It looks like wood.
It is from the 1950's-60's and while the kitchen is light ( a wall of windows) it is dated and cheap
looking with those dark wood cupboards.

But I have beams on the ceiling !

And I am snowed in again and need a project.

I am usually very confident about these things but lately I wonder too much.

I wonder if I should mess with it.
I wonder if I will ruin it .
I wonder if it will be a big mistake and it will cost me a lot to fix.

I wonder if I should crawl into the bed and just come out in the Spring. If there ever is a Spring.


ElaineD said...

Dear lady if you hate those cupboards you have nothing to lose by 'having a go' at painting them IMHO. If it doesn't work out you could always get someone in to re-do them or even get replacement doors which wouldn't be as expensive as a new kitchen. Good luck

Rosemary said...

My kitchen doors are done like that - we call it lime washing here. I believe that you can readily see how it is done on the internet and on Youtube too. Do the insides of the doors first and then see what you think.

NotesFromAbroad said...

The point would be so I don't have to hire a painter so the idea of it not working bothers me.
I have to do more research :)
Thank you .. I think I will need some luck lol

NotesFromAbroad said...

Ahhh Rosemary, thank you ! I will do just that .. if no one hears from me for weeks.. you will know I am lime washing the kitchen. I will be out in the Spring :)

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