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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Notes From A Kitten

Once I get the hang of using paws on keyboards, I won't have to ask my Mom to type for me.

My name is Minette.
My mom says it  should be Lucky.
Someone found me starving and freezing to death .
They took me somewhere warm and fed me and the doctor gave me medicine and then I felt like playing again.

There were no fun cats to play with.
They were all big and old and kinda sad.

Then one day a lady came in and she walked right over to me ! And I put my paw on the glass because I wanted to touch her. 
She opened the door and picked me up.
So I picked her to be my new Mom.

I didn't feel so good when we first went home, I was taking medicine.
Mom hid my medicine in smelly fishy things.
Mom is kind of smart.
I wonder if she will speak to me in Cat.

This house is very big.
I can run into the living room and slide all the way across to the other side.
I like to do that ... it makes Mom laugh.

I am pretty tired now.
Mom went to the store, she kept saying things about snow.
What is snow ?
Does it taste fishy ? Can I have some ??

Time for a nap.


  1. That is one lucky kitten! :)

  2. Minette, you have a great Mom. Let her sleep! ASI

  3. Minette, you have a great Mom. Let her sleep!

  4. This is joy!

  5. My Hannah cat came as a starving feral stray to me. She never got over 8 lbs. Remains tiny like a kitten and has been a joy to us.

    Was she taken into a shelter?

    This was where I got Minnette. They rescue and doctor and care and love all these little creatures that are so in need.
    I will try to volunteer this spring/summer when I can manage to get there and back without snow getting in my way.


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