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Friday, January 31, 2014

This is a complaint

I do realize how annoying it is to have spammers leave messages in your comment box.
But the way Blogger has come up with these 45 random numbers to put in the little box every time you leave a message, is just as annoying.
When I want to leave a 3 word comment, or a long paragraph, I don't want to end it with trying to type out that long string of numbers and letters.

I got rid of mine.
I got wild and crazy and said to myself... So what if a spammer leaves a spamish message, I can delete it.
I would rather get messages/comments and I know people are being turned away by not wanting to go through the stupid 30 number password game.

So this is to my fellow bloggers also .. I can't leave messages the way I would like to because I just get defeated by being stopped and having to type in all those squiggly numbers in the box.

Maybe we can just turn off the security for a day or two and see if it is really that overwhelming ?

I did .
I say come on spammers, I am more stubborn (crazy)  than you are.

**Sorry - Since I posted this, I have gotten the most Spam on a thread ..
Therefore SPAM GUARD is back On **


  1. the second word is the hard one to read. I usually give up after several attempts. Today was two times..

  2. I don't have it on my blog. I've only had a couple of spammers in my 2 years of blogging, but i don't have as many followers as some. (That's not a complaint.) The comments were actually kind of funny, so robotic, they were ludicrous. And i just deleted them. It's worth not having it on i think, because people feel freer to talk on blogs! :)

  3. I don't have it on here, but trying to post a comment on my other Blogger friends blogs is so frustrating.
    I am cranky.
    Well , I removed magic word security so now you can comment away :)

  4. I don't have it (as far as I know) but I do have to approve reactions before they become visible. I have had very few spammers so far but, of course, my blog is not so popular as yours is!

    1. Thank you Mym for that compliment! besitos from a snowy but sunny New York !


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