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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


First it snowed. Then it melted .. then it rained.
Then it rained buckets and my property began to look like a moat and the house was my castle and I had better get a boat !

Then it all soaked into the ground and I was saved from having to learn to use oars.

It is nice that it is sort of mild out during the day .. although rumor has it that it will be very cold again.
Cold I can deal with .. I have all these lovely coats and scarves, given to me by a husband with the best of taste.
But I don't want to be snowed in or have to drive on scary roads .

So I can see the grass and the rain lakes are soaking in and tonight the fields beyond our tree line went from golden to a white mist  .. very eerie and very very beautiful.

The exterminator came back this morning.
I "heart"  my exterminator.
While he is telling me about what he is doing and why, he is telling me stories about mice and spiders and then he will tell me a story about a celebrity that he knows who lives up here .. it is a bit of interesting cheer  in a day of bad weather, boredom and sad  .

I made a pot of soup.

I need someone to feed.

I might bake tomorrow.

If the weather is dry and driving is safe, I might venture to an Animal Shelter somewhere close by and see what the kitten situation is looking like.

If the weather is dry and driving is safe, I might just drive to Hudson (NY) and look at the antique shops and have coffee at the little French cafe.
IF it is not freezing cold.
Which is probably will be.

Or ...... maybe I can tempt my nice neighbor lady to go with me and we can explore the little towns north of here ... ending up in a huge mall with a Pottery Barn .. yeah, that's the ticket.

This is all so  hard.
I never thought my happy life would be so abruptly and shockingly over.
I was spoiled.
I wish everyone could be so happily spoiled as I was.

I hope someone would give me a new recipe for soup without meat in it.

The sad will go away in its own time or maybe never.

But I still want to make soup.

photo  Framed Cooks


MyriamC said...

Comfort food, that is what we need in these circumstances.
My mom passed away last week, very sudden and unexpected. One evening I ate a huge pile of French fries with a lot of mayo for dinner. Comfort food. It's what I needed.

angiemanzi said...

there is a wonderful website called run by a really nice fellow called Terri Mirri. They make beautifully designed artisinal pasta tools. (duh). I have purchased all of them, and when i am feeling low/sad/lonely, I make pasta and give it to friends. Theraputic, makes me not think about what is making me sad, and using the wood tools is good for the soul. Just a thought. Besides, when you get tired of soup, what could be better than pasta?? :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh, Myriam, I am so very sorry to hear about your mom. Yes, Comfort food, comfort wherever you can find it. Love you !

angiemanzi, thank you !
I just had some of my leftover pasta fagiole :)
With lots of broth because I would rather drink than actually eat these days so soup satisfies that need. And keeps me fed.

I don't think there is anything better than pasta, is there ? :)

Mary said...

Candice - I have a great tasty veg soup/stew on the my recent post Jan 12, titled 'A little warming, spicy food required........' . You may not only enjoy the healthy eating, the actual making with such colorful ingredients is always fun. I use jalapeños (usually just one) rather than really hot red chilies, whatever suits your taste for heat! It's my favorite winter hot pot from England.

Also love a spicy veggie black bean chili served over rice (we don't eat any meat/poultry) - another pot of goodness on a cold day. I make soups constantly - definitely our favorite food at this time of year, along with a side salad and crusty bread............and finishing up the holiday chocs and cookies for a dessert treat now and then! Oh my, serious walking will be on my agenda come spring!

Hope then rains have stopped and weather is better by now dear.
Thinking of you and sending warm hugs - Mary X

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