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Monday, January 27, 2014

On a Summer day

This photo was taken last Summer .. which would be last Winter here in the US.
It was a block from my home, in Buenos Aires.. we would walk across the street, up a tiny one way street that was home to a wonderful hidden cafe and then at the top of the block, there was this massive building with these flowering vines.
It was across the street from   the British Embassy to Argentina.
It was "our" neighborhood, where "our" parks were located and where we spent time almost every single day .. especially when Pup was with us.

That last sentence sums up Everything I am missing, on this cold winter day in New York.
Our neighborhood, Pup, the other person who made us We instead of just Me... and warm weather

Actually Warm goes with it all... Pup was the best creature for snuggling with, he was this soft, warm, curly haired boy.
My husband was not so curly haired but he was definitely the best warm man to snuggle up to ... and then there is the small matter of it being Winter here and snowy and cold and right now in Buenos Aires it is Summer.

If I cannot go back in Time and be with them again, I think I might have to just Go Back and Be There again.

That is my New Years Resolution .. since I haven't made one yet ...
I have to go back to BA soon.
On a Summer Day .. or a Winter Day , or a Spring or Fall Day.
 I won't be picky.


  1. I have just recently started reading your blog and I read back through your time in Buenos Aires and now your move to the N.E.. I come from New England but have lived in Washington for 30+ years and I understand the cold!
    My husband, John, passed away just before Christmas after 45 years of marriage. I'm a bit at a loss as to who I will become in the future but I have decided that I want to travel. We had gone to Paris in May 2005 and had a fabulous time. Now I am gong back for a few weeks and to see if I might want to move there. My daughter is going with me so I won't be alone, but eventually I will have to do things on my own or with friends.
    Anyway, I think you should go back to Buenos Aires to see how it feels on your own. Your blogs about your time there and your memories of the beauty, culture and community show that you love it for itself as well as for your time together. Go for it! What's to lose!

  2. Come in November! You know how beautiful it is here at that time of the year.


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