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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Mighty Long Winter

It is 77 º in Buenos Aires right now .
It is 2º here in NY State, ... I am wearing flannel pajamas, my husbands fleece top and a blanket wrapped around me.

The birds are wearing little down coats and fuzzy hats and I think I saw a chipmunk wearing mittens.
What ? Yes ! Really !

It is bright and sunny... thank goodness for small favors.

I am considering driving somewhere .. finding something ... perhaps a kitten.
Perhaps a pair of warm boots.
Perhaps I will just visit friends and sit by a fire with a dog holding my hand.

This has been a mighty long winter.
I used to think that about Summer in Argentina .. at the end, it was just so hot and humid and I wanted to wear Fall clothes and sleep without an air conditioner.
Now all I think about is Summer .. being able to walk outside .. check the mail and not worry about frost bite.
Take out the car and go somewhere without worrying about being stuck in the cold somewhere, ice, bad drivers on snowy roads .. ( no matter where you go, there they are ) ..

I would like to take some nice long walks, go exploring and perhaps do some gardening.
Or house hunting.
Or just go to a town like Hudson and enjoy wandering up and down the street, looking in all the windows and browsing the antique shops.

Or have tea at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge , shop at the outlet stores in Lennox .. anything but sit here and wait for Spring.
It is pretty sad when the birds are getting out and doing more than I am.

I promise not to complain this Summer when it gets hot. Promise .
Now can we have some warm weather, please ?


  1. Oye - hang in there. Those NY winters are tough, but oh the spring. It's a grand trade off.

    1. Summer will be nice here. I am seriously considering moving south, closer to NYC. I am a little too isolated up here ..

  2. You've certainly moved to different climate area!!!

    1. Furtheron !! ! I certainly have :) So nice to see you here . besitos.

  3. weather is freezing here too, though I feel housebound, it's just as well had a bad fall due to my vertigo and an barely walk.


  4. If it is any consolation it is raining here in SW France and has been for a week or so and is cold but not as cold as it normally is at this time of the year.

    I too miss walking and being outside and cannot wait for Spring to arrive :-)

    Here's hoping that it arrives VERY soon.

    Leeann x

  5. Fab .. You will hear the little yodels of joy when it warms up in my neighborhood lol

  6. Scarlett,
    Wishing you hugs of warmth during this cold weather! The season will change soon and the wonderful spring and summer in this area will be here soon.

    1. Oh Thank you Marianna ! Yes, I look forward to Spring and being able to enjoy being outdoors again ! I am happy to see you here :)


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