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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Boonies

So, here I am.
Lived in San Francisco ... lived in Hollywood California .. lived in New York City ..lived in Florida, Oregon,  lived in Buenos Aires Argentina ... and now I am alone in a house out in the boonies.

I bet you can't guess which one of those locations I would rather be in, at this moment.

My neighbor .. the one that makes up for any bad neighbor I may have ever had, anywhere, at any time in my life .. called to check on me. She does that .. I am not alone.. she makes sure of that.

She informed me, after hearing my gushing over the tiny visitor I had this past week ..that we might get temps of below 0 tonight. Yes, that is a ZERO.

And then she said something about ice storms, toilets not flushing, no power ... which means no heat ... and then she said , when I started to stammer and get that whiney sound in my voice .. that I will come to her house. I didn't even ask if I should bring a jug of water or candles or what ... I was just so thankful that the lady next door will take me in during a power outage so they won't find my body sometime in early June, thawing out .. half way to the door.

This would all be funny if my husband were here.
He would make it a Grand Adventure.
He would be sure to snuggle close and I would not freeze in that big bed.
He would make sure that we were safe and sound .

But here I am .. alone and slightly more pathetic than usual and I knew I should have held out for the house with a fireplace and gas heat !!!
If my husband were here, I would Tell Him So !

Although, on second thought... I wouldn't tell him so .... I would be too busy snuggling up and getting warm. . and planning on where we were moving to next ... and probably not to the Boonies.
Even if they are beautiful and the deer like me.


  1. Your neighbor is kind and compassionate. I am happy that she is watching out for you. It must be very lonely being where you live right now. I am sure another move is in your future. I have a feeling you will be much more urban in a city with people around and noise.

    Hugs to you.

  2. Gail, in northern CaliforniaDecember 29, 2013 at 8:59 PM

    I'm glad you have this wonderful neighbor....heaven-sent, surely.

    Beginning December 6, I found myself stranded for the next seven days unable to leave my house due to snow and icy roads. I had food, water and power. Nevertheless, if I felt isolated and alone before, that feeling was compounded many times over during that awful week. It's odd but you are reduced to simply wanting a response when you say something.

  3. Razmataz, yes, we got the grand prize in neighbors !

    Gail .. I know ... even without the snow and ice, I would like to hear one voice more than any others ..

  4. Candice, I had lost track of you.

    And now I've found you again.

    Went back in time, months, and I am so very sorry that I've been missing. My heart goes out to you, my friend, for your loss. A hug. A big warm hug…



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