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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Autumn in Buenos Aires
While reading a favorite blog of mine .. Sara in le Petit Village 
I was reminded again of how much I love Autumn and how confused and disrupted I felt in Buenos Aires when October and November rolled around , signaling Spring and Summer.
After a long few months of wet, dreary, grey , cold Fall and Winter .. from April to October .. I could finally look forward to warmth and sunshine and wearing light clothing. No coats !
But then, Christmas was in the heat of Summer.
No Christmas trees , not real ones anyway. They would die before they got there, die before they were decorated.. you would have a big dead stick in the living room with pine needles all over the floor.
So fake trees and no decorations out in the streets were the norm.

Be warned .. I am going to decorate like crazy this Christmas.
Big beeg wreath on the front door.
Lights, ribbons and bows. I will be the gaudiest neighbor in the village.

We will have family here for Thanksgiving.
I will decorate for that too.
Why not ?

Halloween will be here soon ... yep, decorating. Yellow mums and pumpkins.
I hope no one comes to the door to Trick or Treat though.

This is the time of year I missed the US most , when living in Argentina.
The holidays when family and friends came around, when the store windows were full of pretty things and lights. Argentina was gearing up for summer holidays and everyone would leave town.
It would be so hot!
We would walk Pup to the park and sit on a bench in the shade and watch the dog panting, the old folks on other benches and a kid now and then playing soccer because we all know that kids do not feel the heat or the cold. They are born with that super human thing that eventually goes away with age.
Then they sit on a bench in a park and whine about the cold or the heat or the bugs .

It is good to be back home.

I can now sit on the sofa and look out the window and whine about the leaves that need raking or the bugs or the heat or the cold.

I can also hop in the car and go anywhere.
We can shop for anything anywhere and usually find it.
We can understand the language. Well, most of the time.
We can plan the holidays and the decorations and figure out where to put all the guests ..
We can plan what to cook, what I want to bake and who gets to hold the baby ....

Tis the Season ....


kelly@tearinguphouses said...

i'm going crazy with the holiday decorating too this year! i blame the baby. can't wait to see what you put up!

Jennifer said...

I'm already planning too! I'm so excited. It gets cold enough here that the weather makes me feel motivated. :)

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