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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

No Worries

My mother said that I come from a long line of Worriers.
My grandmother was a Champ. I do remember that.
I always thought my mother should worry a little less or at least about things that were important and not what the neighbors thought or how late I stayed out on a date.
I mean really.

I have two children.
I worry about them both.
When things are good, when things are bad , when I don't hear from them, when I hear from them ..
I worry about the weather, the yard, the house, the trees.. oh man, I am beginning to worry about trees.

I don't often worry about my husband.
Partly because he is invincible and it is his job to be The Strong One.
That means I shouldn't worry, he will.
But he never carries on like I do .. about worrying.

He might be a little more quiet than usual, but that is sometimes hard to spot.
Because, you see, I ... the chatterbox, the outgoing huggy touchy feely one, married the quiet , serene and reserved one.
We are such a Perfect Match I cannot tell you.

Lately things have been sort of upside down.
I have been worrying about him.
I also worried about the trees and the bees.
Yes, it is cold out and there are still wasps outside my bedroom windows that look like the King Kongs of Beedom.
And they want in.
So far, I have foiled all attempts and there are bee bodies lying out there to prove it.

The wind was blowing the other day.
We had a bit of rain.
The next morning there was no grass, no garden, just brown needles ... inches thick, on an acre of land.
If it were snow, we could have had sled rides.
But it was pine needles and they are close to impossible to blow or rake up.

So we gave in and called the sweetest man who came equipped with the machinery and muscle and strong back to spend 2 days here cleaning up leaves , needles and debris.
In our garage right now are about 20 bags full of leaves for the town to pick up.
But but .... we have to get them out to the street on pick up day ...  I will worry about that tomorrow.

Today was one of those golden days that all worries were vanquished, all work was finished, all small negative thoughts were banished and everything is good.
No worries.
No frowns.
No tears.
Just smiles.
No worries.


  1. I am a worrier too. My granny used to believe worrying was a sin. Fretting over things not even happened stole good thoughts and the happiness of now.

  2. "Worry Wart" is hereditary! :) I've always been accused of looking for things to worry about when things are going smoothly... You do need to stop worrying about the trees though - let Mother Nature do that!!! hahahaha xx


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