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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Days

It is Saturday.
It is silent outside.
Birds are quiet, chipmunks are quiet, no one is mowing their yard , no dogs are barking, there are no cars honking, actually there are no cars .. today it is greatly appreciated.

We are having our First Autumn in NY after many many *around 10* years and I have to say that it lives up to all my best memories.

Things could be less hectic and we could be allowed to worry less, have nothing on our minds but that will come along again soon. In the meantime, my husband and I are marveling every day at how beautiful it is here .

There is this golden light .. it comes through the trees in the morning, the trees with yellow leaves and the yellow leaves are on the ground and everything has this sunshiny golden hue.
There are plenty of evergreens so we figure we will have some green around us once the trees are bare and the last of the Autumn leaves have been raked and piled and blown and bagged and carted away.

I can see the farm fields back behind our property, separated from us by ancient pines and glowing golden each morning. Deer are seen there sometimes, they know what that sign that says Posted means.
A neighbor walking her dog one day, stopped to compliment our work, the transformation of the house and grounds and to warn me that there are ... are you ready ? .... coyotes, foxes  and bears in the woods/fields behind our home, as well as deer and other non-meat eating creatures.
Coyotes, Foxes  and Bears .. oh my !!

I will be sure to keep any pets that we get close to home, safe inside at night and forget about putting a dog house out there .. sheesh ! and I was just worried about snakes and bees  when we moved here !

Thanksgiving is on its way.
This means children coming, not enough bedrooms but plenty of love waiting for them.
Menus being planned, activities, excitement ... it has been 10 years since we have all been together in one room ...  (that is the thing about travel and living abroad, you lose some things while you are gaining others)
Lucky us, we will  make up for lost time.

Now I must .. really .. must ... stop drinking coffee and wandering around on the internet and start my day .. where is the rake ?

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