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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, September 27, 2013


Things are settling down a tiny bit here, what with the learning our way around ... well, my way around and remembering where I put everything..
I might have started to lose my memory, or the moving from one hotel to another to one house to another  4 times in 3 months might have had some affect on me.

I still remember my name, the children's names and that guy that lives here, so I guess I am doing okay.

We drive miles every day to do something as simple as picking up a carton of milk.
I must remember to always keep things in supply, buy more ... there will be a winter day with snow on the ground and no one is going to want to/be able to go to the store to pick it up.
I look forward to seeing snow but I am not so sure about the Snowed In part.

Right now though, the trees are changing, colors are showing up, we are gardening like mad and taking long drives for this and that and adjusting.

Some of us have more trouble adjusting than others.
Some of us have the patience of a saint and I am thankful for that.

I daydream about little babies visiting , about getting a puppy and even a kitten and not worrying about anything.
But as my grandmother told me many years ago, We come from a long line of worriers.
So I guess by now, I should have adjusted to that.

Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a biggie  ... Everyone is coming to our house !
Loved ones not seen for too long.
Loved ones that are growing too fast and need to be held while they are still floppy and tiny and don't talk back.
Loved ones that just need someone else to do the cooking and tending and to enjoy some mothering and  relaxing.

The garden is ridiculous. Beautiful. Huge.
Full of birds, chipmunks, not that many squirrels, I think I saw one.
Huge black crows hang around sometimes.
A deer moseyed through one day.. I was on the phone, looking out the window, there she went ..
I managed not to break the eardrum of the person on the phone when I started squealing, a deer is in the yard ! 
Wonder how long it will take for that not to be such a big deal.
I doubt it will ever be Not a big deal.
It is a deer for gods sake ! In My Yard !!!

I miss Buenos Aires.
I miss walking everywhere.
I miss our neighbors.
I miss the parks.
I miss walking and walking and photographing everything.
I miss the kisses.
I miss the music.

This weekend ... buy apples.
Bake an Apple Crisp.
Find something to do in the yard ... make that choose what I need to do in the yard. ( it is an endless list)

Start planning Thanksgiving dinner.
Hey ! it is never too early to plan a big meal !
Especially when half the guests don't eat meat of any kind.

TGIF and all that ... and remember, make lists.
They are invaluable.
Especially if you can find them when you need them.
Or can read your handwriting.


  1. I get the sense you are having a hard time settling in. Is it the proximity to a city that you miss?

  2. Not hard at all to be settling in. Of course we miss a big city for shopping etc and small things come up that require more research .. but overall, I am not having a hard time . I was able to adjust to living in Argentina when I didn't speak the language, coming home is not so hard :)

  3. Moving is such a huge adjustment. It sounds like you have a lovely place, deer in your yard and all. :) You went from large city to countryside and different country altogether. Wow. I'm glad it's going okay!

  4. I think investing in a nice large freezer for those snowed-in Winter periods might be a good idea!!
    Are you really way out in the countryside where nobody comes to plow? It's beautiful there I know but so different from BA - hopefully all will fall into place as the weeks go by.

    Thanksgiving should be amazing - I don't eat meat either but with all the delicious veggies and such nobody will go hungry I'm sure!

    Have a lovely weekend - sounds like plenty to keep you busy!

    Mary x

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my post dressing for Europe - I added a reply on my blog re: bags!!!!

  5. No, we will probably be the first road to be plowed :) Yes, it is the total opposite of Buenos Aires .. Thank you <3


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