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Friday, August 30, 2013

Remembering Arthur

I was browsing some blogs tonight when I came across one that had one of those lists.
You know, 21 Reasons for This and That ..
But this one had something about children flying and people making a fuss if a baby cried and now there is an airline that has a section for people where children cannot fly.
Because apparently, there are people on this planet who have not heard a baby cry, who have not been babies themselves and apparently have never had a baby...
I don't enjoy hearing a baby cry when trying to sleep on an airplane. But I don't like listening to two business men laugh and talk at a normal loud voice through an entire night flight either.

So ... this all makes me remember my Cousin Arthur.
Arthur and I were almost the same age.
His mom and mine are sisters.
He and I were together most of the time as  small children.

Then my family moved to the East Coast USA and his stayed on the West Coast but  we never lost touch ..  now and then we would send a note, a card or photos of children who came along over the years.
He was a Staff Sargent in the US Army and was stationed in various places.
I remember his telling me stories about living in Germany, he loved it.

One of my best memories of the adult Arthur was when he was stationed  in Korea and he was finally flying home to see his family.
For some reason that I don't remember .. he was asked to accompany 2 babies who were being adopted in the US.
So this young man, with his own family waiting to see him , took these two infant babies and flew from Korea to the US West Coast.

Both babies were feverish and cried most of the way ..
He only spoke fondly of how sweet they were and how he tried everything he could to make them comfortable.
I would like to think that everyone on that plane admired him for what he was doing, or at least smiled or were helpful in some way .. rather than glaring and glowering and complaining because little babies were crying.
Then tonight reading this about a section in an airplane where babies cannot fly, I thought of Arthur and how few people there are like him in this world.
And that is a sad thing.


  1. It's amazing and touching that he'd volunteer for a couple to have their babies delivered by him and that he was capable and strong and caring to care for them on such a long flight - what an angel... now I'm all teary eyed... xx

  2. That is an inspirational story. There aren't many people who willingly would do things like that.


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