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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You know you are no longer a City Girl

You know you are no longer a City Girl when :

You drive half an hour for good donuts ... in another state.

You have an exterminator discuss the merits of vents in a basement that is something from a horror movie .. (vents? like someone is going to stay down there long enough to take more than 3 deep breaths ???)
OK .. I do the laundry down there ... but I hold my breath.
That is known to keep spiders away.
According to me, that's who.

When you put on the outfit that you would do gardening  in ( in a previous life)  and you are still overdressed  at  the supermarket.

Every single place you go , no matter what you need ... is at least half an hour away.

Every single drive you take, you ooh and ahhh the whole time because it is so beautiful.

Every single time you go out, you take the camera ..

Every person you meet smiles and says Hello.

You start remembering which farm has what horse .. or cows.

You start talking to the neighbors sheep .. yes, they listen.

Your back and arms ache at night because you spent  hours pulling up weeds from flower beds and dragging tree branches to the refuse pile.

Your manicure is a thing of the Past.


  1. That is very funny and I love the photo. MtV

  2. A beautiful summing up of the contrasts, but you are happy and that is the most important observation. Is the photo from your new location?

  3. Love this post - and your sense of humor!

    Yes, many changes underway - but I know you'll cope and eventually all the weeds will be pulled, but watch out for the spiders, they just keep on coming! A good exterminator is like gold here in the south with so many creepy crawlies.

    Know the farmland must be gorgeous but get a pair of wellies ready at the door for later in the year when the fields are going to be muddy!

    Enjoy each special Summer day.
    Mary X

  4. Thank you MtV :)

    Thanks Rosemary .. that photo is a nearby location where we stayed while househunting.

    Mary, thank you !Every day another change .. oy !
    I am off to find Wellies today .. besitos, C

  5. great post..
    those must have been some really good donuts.

  6. Hena, thank you. They are. Really good .

  7. Hi Candice...
    This sounds like me...when I am out at the cottage!! ha!

    Linda :o)


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