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Saturday, July 20, 2013

We are Home

Here we are, in our new home in New York State.
We are surrounded by horse farms, sheep herding farms  , dairy and corn farms.
There are forests and streams and rivers and waterfalls and fields and meadows full of summer flowers.
There are views of the sky whichever way you look.
The birds are singing in the morning and the crickets and frogs are peeping at night.

We drive a short distance to the little town center, we drive long distances to get to particular stores, we are a train ride or 2 hour drive from New York City.
We can be in Massachusetts in 20 minutes where we still like to buy certain things in a certain market, see our friends in Egremont and go for drives on long lanes that are dotted with incredible old homes and horse farms.

Yesterday , taking a drive , we discovered that just about a mile from our home, there are more horse farms. My little girl dreams of having a horse will not be fulfilled but the idea of being able to stop and say hello to one, any time I wish, are coming true.

Seen from the window yesterday ... rabbits, chipmunks, countless birds and a few days ago, a deer strolled in, lay down in the shade of one of the large trees and took a short nap .. then wandered off later.
All creatures are welcome.

I fall asleep to the absence of sound ... no more honking, no cars zooming by, no elevator going up or down and no one talking in the hall. loudly. at 3 am.

My clothes are still lying in little stacks on the bedroom floor, giving me dirty looks when I walk past and ignore them.
My closet is jammed packed but there is order to it at last.
My handbags are not that happy with the way they were stored ... later we will work on that and see if we can all be happy.

There is a small matter of bees who seem to be invading the gutters and outside parts of the house that must be gotten rid of. Wasps. Deadly for some people. Must go .

We have a Mail man that drives up to the mail box and waves to us when he leaves.
We have a UPS man who knows me already .. Hey ! I can make use of the luxury of Shopping Online again !
Deliver it please.... I love it !!

My kitchen is a wonder of convenience, everything within reach and a gazillion cupboards and drawers.
And every day I stand there and try to remember where I put things.
And every day we eat sandwiches or salads.
I have not yet gotten back into the cooking habit.
Some habits are harder than others to lose or to get back, I guess.

Today ... we will take another long drive and return something that broke while we were putting it together yesterday. Making me think I should not be too critical of Argentina product quality ..

I hope your weekend is a good one.
Our  weekend will be lovely .. we are Home.


  1. So nicely shared, and I love the idea of being surrounded by horse farms..glad to hear the sound of contentment in your voice..X

  2. It sounds like a fairy tale town, it must be a beautiful place to live!
    Today is "el día del amigo" here, so Feliz Día amiga!!
    Hope the heat wave is not treating you too bad, you may probably reconsider keeping the swimming pool? Stay cool!

  3. I'm glad you're loving your new home! It sounds heavenly.. as does the online shopping. :) And until you can get rid of those hornets, be very careful. But i suppose you know that already. Your yard sounds wonderful with so much wildlife around!

  4. Sounds like you've fallen into a little piece of heaven of earth! I know the city was exciting and vibrant, and I loved my short visit there, but the countryside is where life is truly the best in so many ways.............soothing the soul comes to mind!

    Happy you are happy..........enjoy each day.

    Hugs - Mary


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