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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This is the color that we chose for our house.
It was a difficult choice, we  ( I ) picked one color then had Color Regret.
We dashed over to the paint store today and went through a few samples, came home, stuck them on the house and decided we really did like this one best.
So instead of having some MidCentury Modern dark colored house, we will have a Ranch house set among huge old trees and it will blend right in ..

I can live with that.

The chipmunks must have babies, there are little creatures running around that are too tiny to really get a look at. How adorable is that ??
baby chipmunks .. o m g !

There are cardinals who fly in to have a bite in the mornings. You can see the red flash in the garden. Then there they are ... big, red and beautiful.

Now and then there is a raven or crow ( what is the difference again ?) and they are glossy black and huge and I don't mind if they skip our garden and go to the farm up the road.

Speaking of the farm .. we walked up there the other night and I took photos.
I will get around to posting them someday.
Highland cattle .. shaggy huge beasts, with amazing horns .. with babies .. shaggy, no horns yet.
Horses who mind their own business.
Sheep who act like someone called them, they come to the fence with those sheep faces and look at us like they are saying  ... " well? "
The goats just give us the eye ... creepy eye it is too ! and ignore us.

The property is immense, as far as you can see, farm, corn fields and what I think is a field of alfalfa.
Sunflowers blooming , orange day lilies line the roads,  every house has flower gardens and their yards are neat and clean and orderly.
We are the new kids on the block, we don't have "orderly" or "neat" yet but we are working on it.

Every day the sun shines.
Every day birds sing and hopefully the bees are gone to buzz around someones house far far away.

Every day I miss walking to the market in Buenos Aires and kissing my neighbors.
Every day I am glad that I had the chance to live somewhere like Buenos Aires and that I am now enjoying living somewhere like this .. this beautiful place , in New York, in the United States.


Linda said...

Well....someone is on a good mood!
Sounds wonderful Candice...
Hopefully some before and afters coming!
Enjoy another perfect,sunny,chipmunky day...
You are a lucky duck!

Linda :o)

Mary said...

I'm the lover of grey/gray in all it's shades (no, never read THOSE books though!) for decorating and clothing - this is a lovely one for the house.

Highland cattle with babies, oh how sweet - and mini little chipmunks must look adorable. What is more glorious than the countryside on a warm, sunny Summer's day? Nothing much I can think of.......other than perhaps the perfect beach with no people, no power boats, no sand flies!!!

Enjoy the week Candice.
Mary X

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