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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wonderful times

Here we are, still in our old house in the woods in the Berkshires.
Before it was a house,  originally it was  the quarters for farm hands / apple pickers back many years ago, with about 16 bedrooms.
The kitchen, we are told, was in the basement.

Somewhere, way back then, there was an unhappy cook, if she was anything like me.
Imagine, standing in the basement, in front of a big stove, woodburning, cooking and baking for 16 hungry men , every day.
Maybe Sundays were the day off ?
Did she whine as much as I would have ?
These days, we have Mom's if we want to grab a sandwich or some soup .. this is Mom's.

This house  is a huge wonderful old house full of all those idiosyncrasies that old buildings have ... the steps are smaller, they make me feel like my feet are too big.
They are steep and easy to fall down, so we always hang on for dear life, running up and down those things... oh, and they sort of tilt backwards, just in case you think you can go up the steps, not hanging on to the handrail.

Happily the place is modernized, very nicely and there is a full bath on each floor.
The rooms are furnished very comfortably and it has a coziness that works well at keeping me from being pitiful about not being in my own home yet.
There is a little bed under the eaves and a huge skylight upstairs where I can read , nap or daydream.
It is a perfect spot to lose oneself in Design magazines.
Yes, I have read them all, I can't wait for the next months issues to come out !

We have been adopted by the owners laboradors.
Brady and Dreyfuss .. Brown, big, one old , one younger and as sweet and loving and good natured as you could ever wish for.
I will miss them.
I think we might have to work out visiting days or shared custody or something ..

We have had rain just about every day.
Heavy downpours.
Scary if you are driving on roads that you don't know well, with steep drops on one side and curves and hazards like deer who decide to mosey across the road at night and other night creatures.
Then there was the huge flock of turkeys wandering through a field, into a yard, some of them doing a turkey dance of some sort, mating ? showing off their manliness ? Whatever it was meant for, it got a lot of laughs.

We see eagles and hawks and horses and Highland cattle and sheep and blonde cattle. No, they are not white, they are blonde.
Different .. gotta google blonde cows and see what comes up ..

We will be closing on our new home in the next 10 to 14 days.
There will be a bit of  quiet from here ( much appreciated, I am sure) while we get settled in .. and we can say hello to our belongings, my shoes ! my bags ! clothes and  treasures ! our comfy  furniture and then find just the right place for it all.
I will try to post .. if I don't, don't worry, I am having a wonderful time.

Wishing you wonderful times too ...


  1. I'm happy you are having so much fun! The next ten days will go by fast, and the house will officially be yours in no time! The one you're in sounds wonderful though. Especially with the 2 dogs and the turkeys, lol. And no, i can't imagine cooking for 16 men. Not in this lifetime or any other. I would have whined to the moon and back!

  2. exciting! congrats on the new home!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your new house. Be careful on the roads with the animals jumping out. Always scary.

    Your rental sounds like a beautiful place.


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