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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Muffins and Memorial Day

Another Day, Another Muffin.
I have become one of those people.
I go to markets based on their speciality. So we go to one market for its produce, one for its soups, one for the roast chickens they have every day, fresh and tasty and one for the muffins they make daily.
Today was chocolate chip and the other is all chocolate...they also have banana !
Each muffin is the size of a nice sized coffee cup.
This is my main meal of the day.
Or it should be.
Actually, what is wrong with eating muffins for lunch and dinner ??
You have grain, protein ( bananas have  protein in them .. chocolate is proven to cure everything that ails you or at least make it not bother you so much ) and sugar .. which keeps you cheerful and being cheerful is much appreciated by husbands and children and neighbors too I imagine.
I know the dogs next door love me.
See... it works on pets too.

So .. Memorial Day Weekend in the Berkshires ...
Small Town American at its most charming and beautiful.
Each little town had its own parade or celebration and we noticed that horses and flags and old cars and motorcycles played a big part.
Then there were the fire engines and flags everywhere ... every where .

We took a long drive, past our soon to be ( something like 2 weeks from now ?) home.. where a gardner is missing.
Where a pool sits and waits for ..what ... removal I hope.. although I am hearing this is not simple nor easy nor inexpensive.
But it has to go, one way or another.
I discovered on the drive by that there are massive amounts of flowering bushes, masses of poppies around trees and so many familiar bushes and flowers that I no longer remember the names of ...
I am going to have such fun !!
We found the supermarket that our realtor told us about .. oh my .. huge.
H u g e.
And it has a view .. fields, apple orchards and in the distance, a range of mountains.
I am so going to enjoy grocery shopping after this move !

So that is about all that there is to say , it has rained too much, we found that every time we start driving in the direction of the new house, it rains .. so we stopped.
Then we went yesterday and it was great, but after we got home, it rained some more.

Oh ... and we saw the Highland Cattle in the same pasture with the little lambs and some regular cows .. we saw a huge stable that boards horses and once again I must remember to go to the Equine Advocates once we are settled in and see if I can volunteer.

Wishing you a good Summer, now that I guess it is official and all ..
Memorial Day 2013 ..


  1. It's official? Summer? Oh no. Like you we are enjoying a spring filled with rain here in the middle of France. Buckets of rain. And cool temperatures that keep the tomatoes looking like washed out specimens. But I hope that the transition from BA to USA to homeowner again will be filled with fun.

  2. Thank you Keir !
    I am very happy to be here then suddenly will be overcome with a longing to be in a particular place in BA at a particular time :)
    I miss my friends and neighbors too.
    But we are busy finding new places and making new friends, it is all good :)

  3. The unofficial start of summer, yes! You will be in your marvelous new home by the official start of summer, the wonderful solstice! You will need to celebrate! :) Is this an inground or an above ground pool you want out?? That will make a difference in cost, i think. But yes, if this house were mine, the pool would have to go to. I strongly dislike them! Glad you had a fun Memorial Day!

  4. Hi Mary!
    It is a beautiful in-ground pool. But it has to go.
    It will be a project :)


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